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    18 London Burgers That Will Sexually Awaken You

    Dirty burgers in every sense of the word.

    1. A Le Truffle Double Double at Le Bun

    Le Bun

    It's impossible to decide which is the best burger at Le Bun, a French-American pop-up currently running just off Leicester Square: the highly sexual Truffle Double Double, a double cheeseburger that comes dripping with truffled veal jam, truffle mayo, and American cheese, or the ACTUAL CHEESEBURGER THEY GARNISH THEIR BLOODY MARY WITH. So you must do the only rational thing: Get both.

    Location: Leicester Square

    2. A soaked Dip & Flip burger at Dip & Flip

    3. A double bacon cheeseburger at Bleecker St

    4. A Piskey Whickle at Blues Kitchen

    The latest burger of the month from this blues-inspired eatery. Based on the pickleback (a shot of bourbon chased with pickle juice that tastes like an alcoholic burger in your mouth – it's boozy magic at its finest), it's topped with American cheese, pickled red cabbage, and smoked pastrami, has fried pickles on top, and is served alongside a pickleback shot.

    Basically, this is the burger for anyone who has felt inappropriate things about pickles.

    Location: Camden, Shoreditch, Brixton

    5. A Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor

    6. An Angry Bear at Stokey Bears

    7. A cheeseburger at Elliot's

    8. A special at Honest Burgers

    9. A Steak Au Fromage Bleu at Haché

    10. A breakfast burger at Mother Flipper

    11. A deep-fried burger at Flat Iron

    12. A Smokey Robinson at Patty & Bun

    13. The Bill Murray burger at Lucky Chip

    14. A Smoking Bandit at Meat and Shake

    Facebook: MeatandShake

    Worth trying for sheer wow factor alone. The burger under the smoke is pretty phenomenal too, though: burger topped with smokey cheddar, smokey turkey bacon, sautéed onions, and smokey chipotle mayo.

    Location: Tooting

    15. A Bill burger at Bill Or Beak

    There are two burgers on the menu, the Bill or the Beak. The Beak is a lovely chicken burger, but the Bill is where true happiness lies. Slowly braised duck and pork with a Vietnamese dressing, topped with tempura shallots – it's an Asian-fusion fever dream of a burger.

    Location: Various street food markets

    16. The Devastator at Red Dog Saloon

    17. A Belly Connection Heartbreaker at Tongue 'n' Cheek

    Twitter: @tonguencheeks

    Italian-inspired burger done with pork belly, gorgonzola, pimiento mayo, and pickled red onions. The Italian-American love affair never tasted so good.

    Location: Various

    18. A Mac Daddy at Dirty Bones

    It's mac 'n' cheese on a burger. I'm done. I'm finished. I'm dead now. This burger killed me.

    Location: Kensington and Soho