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18 London Burgers That Will Sexually Awaken You

Dirty burgers in every sense of the word.

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1. A Le Truffle Double Double at Le Bun

It's impossible to decide which is the best burger at Le Bun, a French-American pop-up currently running just off Leicester Square: the highly sexual Truffle Double Double, a double cheeseburger that comes dripping with truffled veal jam, truffle mayo, and American cheese, or the ACTUAL CHEESEBURGER THEY GARNISH THEIR BLOODY MARY WITH. So you must do the only rational thing: Get both.

Location: Leicester Square

2. A soaked Dip & Flip burger at Dip & Flip

Instagram: @dipflippo

The burger for anyone who has ever asked the question, "How do I combine my love of roast dinners and my love of burgers into one meal?" Answer: with layers of roast beef or lamb, topped with cheese and wedged into a brioche bun, served dipped, double dipped, or soaked in gravy. And as everyone knows, soaked is always the best version.

Location: Battersea, Wimbledon, and Tooting

3. A double bacon cheeseburger at Bleecker St

Instagram: @fowlmouthsfood

Go big or go home. Double beef, double cheese, bacon, onions, and sauce. It's a New York-style symphony of flavour that will make you want to start wearing one of those ridiculous "I heart NY" tops.

Location: Spitalfields and Canary Wharf

4. A Piskey Whickle at Blues Kitchen

The latest burger of the month from this blues-inspired eatery. Based on the pickleback (a shot of bourbon chased with pickle juice that tastes like an alcoholic burger in your mouth – it's boozy magic at its finest), it's topped with American cheese, pickled red cabbage, and smoked pastrami, has fried pickles on top, and is served alongside a pickleback shot.

Basically, this is the burger for anyone who has felt inappropriate things about pickles.

Location: Camden, Shoreditch, Brixton


5. A Dead Hippie at Meat Liquor

Instagram: @meatgram

If you get bored of this burger, you've lost your joy. Fact.

Location: Everywhere

6. An Angry Bear at Stokey Bears

Instagram: @josephrwinter

An extremely angry burger topped with Helluvapino Relish and #HolyFuck Ribman hot sauce, with Angry Fries on the side. Not for the faint of heart.

Location: Stoke Newington

7. A cheeseburger at Elliot's

Instagram: @hollow_legs

Best burgers in Borough Market (and I'm fully aware how much of a bold statement that is). The cheeseburger is the only burger on the menu, but that's all you need.

Location: Borough Market

8. A special at Honest Burgers

Instagram: @honestburgers

Honest Burgers' classics are all great, but it's the monthly specials that really do it for me. The guacamole special is my personal favourite, done with smoked bacon, harissa mayo, swiss cheese, and a big dollop of Honest guac. Please make it a permanent menu fixture, guys. Please.

Location: Brixton, Camden, Soho, Portobello, Kings Cross... trust me, if you live in London, there's an Honest Burger somewhere near you.


9. A Steak Au Fromage Bleu at Haché

Instagram: @maelxpangora

Blue-cheese-topped steak burger in your choice of ciabatta or brioche bun. There are reasons the French get cocky about their food, and this is one of them.

Location: Chelsea, Camden, Clapham, and Shoreditch

10. A breakfast burger at Mother Flipper

Instagram: @mrjackbaker

The mother of all breakfast burgers: sausage patties, egg, potato rosti, cheese, and candy bacon in a toasted muffin. What a way to start your morning.

Location: Brockley Market

11. A deep-fried burger at Flat Iron

Instagram: @toms_big_eats

Flat Iron does incredible steak, and they also had the genius idea of taking their incredible steak, deep-frying it, and putting it in a bun with some bearnaise sauce.

Location: Covent Garden and Soho

12. A Smokey Robinson at Patty & Bun

Instagram: @pattyandbun

Beef topped with melted cheese, bacon, smoky mayo, caramelised onions... excuse me, I think I need a minute to collect myself.

Location: Soho, Liverpool Street, London Fields, and Bond Street


13. The Bill Murray burger at Lucky Chip

Instagram: @food_list

Street food favourites Lucky Chip recently got their very own permanent joint, and you NEED to try the Bill Murray. It comes with fried soft-shell crab, guacamole, spring onions, spicy mayo, and ginger sweet chilli, and is every bit as sexy as its namesake (Yes, I have a thing for Bill Murray. No, you're not allowed to judge me).

Location: Dalston

14. A Smoking Bandit at Meat and Shake

Facebook: MeatandShake

Worth trying for sheer wow factor alone. The burger under the smoke is pretty phenomenal too, though: burger topped with smokey cheddar, smokey turkey bacon, sautéed onions, and smokey chipotle mayo.

Location: Tooting

15. A Bill burger at Bill Or Beak

There are two burgers on the menu, the Bill or the Beak. The Beak is a lovely chicken burger, but the Bill is where true happiness lies. Slowly braised duck and pork with a Vietnamese dressing, topped with tempura shallots – it's an Asian-fusion fever dream of a burger.

Location: Various street food markets

16. The Devastator at Red Dog Saloon

Instagram: @davidy_dy

Look, I'm not saying you need to eat all of this. You could have half, then wrap the rest up for the best breakfast of your life. But if you do manage all of this burger, not only will you have my undying respect, but I'm pretty sure you will reach some kind of transcendental burger nirvana (this might just be a food coma).

Location: Soho, Hoxton and Clapham