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21 British Food Experts Who Will Transform How You Eat

Recommendations you can actually trust.

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1. Clerkenwell Boy

Instagram: @clerkenwellboyec1

Where to start with Clerkenwell Boy? If you're in any way invested in the London food scene, you probably already know him. He's a faceless food critic who deals almost entirely in incredible Instagram snaps (though if you must know, his name is Tim), and is followed by just so many people.

He's been lauded by everyone from Nigella to Jamie Oliver and from personal experience I can confirm all his recommendations are reliable – I've not had a bad Clerkenwell Boy-suggested meal yet.

2. Hungry Hoss

Twitter: @hungryhoss

Turns out there's life outside the M25, and if you want an excellent guide to the Northern side of it, you should follow Hungry Hoss. He's based in Cheshire but travels far and wide: his reviews range from Manchester to Birmingham and beyond.

3. KS Ate Here

Instagram: @ks_ate_here

Just so much food porn. SO MUCH FOOD PORN. London-based Kar-Shing posts pictures of everywhere he eats on his Twitter and Instagram and it all looks bloody incredible.

4. The LDN Foodie

Instagram: @theldnfoodie

Run by a man who used to be a banker – he quit to go into food full-time. He now posts about London food, but the best part of his Instagram is how much he travels. Want to see fancy restaurants from around the world? This is your fella.


5. Marina O'Loughlin

Marina is a food and travel writer for the Guardian. Sure, you could ~just~ read her features on the Guardian's website, but following her on Twitter is like hooking yourself up to an IV drip of solid food suggestions and pithy industry tweets – an experience not to be missed.

6. Mr Jack Baker

Warning: following Jack will impact on your wallet. Everything he posts, you will want to eat immediately.

7. Trish Deseine

Twitter: @TrishDeseine

Northern Ireland's food scene is very very up and coming don'tcha know. And Trish Deseine is leading the charge. An author and food columnist for The Gloss Mag, the Irish Times' lifestyle supplement, she's even got her own TV show. Over on her Twitter you'll find wonderful recipes, foodie recommendations and beautiful scenic shots of Ireland.


9. Jay Rayner

Mr Rayner is a terribly well known food critic for The Observer. He's known for being the making of many an unknown spot – Franco Manca, Silk Road and more can credit London's obsession with them to a review from him. Basically, if he says somewhere's good, no matter how far away or unassuming it looks, people will go en masse. You most likely already know him and this mention is probably overkill, but his Twitter is a wonderful thing. Honest tweets about food served with a sense of humour and occasional cracks at Giles Coren as a side dish.

Plus, I'm certain his hair is so big because it's full of secrets. Secrets I have every hope he will someday spill on Twitter like the foodie version of Kim Kardashian.

10. Infatuation London

Instagram: @infatuation_london

Infatuation London describes itself with the immortal line: "Restaurant reviews that don't suck". Can confirm this is true.

11. Gaby Soutar

Twitter: @gsoutar

Gaby is a reviewer and lifestyle writer at The Scotsman, and you should follow her for excellent Scottish food recommendations and even more excellent puns.

She recently suggested Edinburgh open its first poké restaurant and name it "Hokey Poké", and now she has my undying love because that's really all it takes: a good food-based pun.

12. Hollow Legs

Instagram: @hollow_legs

Instagram account of Lizzie Mabbott, who grew up in Hong Kong and now provides us with the skinny on where to get the best Asian food in London. She also provides info on where to get the best food in London in general, but I'm mainly here for those sweet sweet Chinatown reccs.

She's also written a really great book about Southeast Asian cooking.


13. Fiona Beckett

Instagram: @food_writer

A highly experienced food and drink writer, Fiona writes for many many different places and runs many many different sites. Best to just go straight to the source and follow her on Instagram.

14. Food Stories

The account of Helen Graves, aka food and drink editor at The Londonist. I'd say just follow The Londonist as their recommendations are 100% great, but Helen provides exactly what the food scene has been missing for some time: food and cat pictures in one place.

Also very worth checking out Helen's Food Stories website. It was essentially the first big London food blog, and is still one of the best out there.

16. CousCousBangBang

Instagram: @couscousbangbang

CousCousBangBang is one Mr Thom Archer, the editor of Leeds Confidential and general man-about-town in Leeds. If you're looking for good food reccs. in the city, this is your guy.


18. London Eater

Instagram: @londoneater

Kang does no muss no fuss reviews of everywhere he's eaten. The food he features is definitely towards the fine dining end of the spectrum – follow for fancy restaurants that are actually worth the big bucks they charge.

21. LDN Cheap Eats

Instagram: @ldncheapeats

These guys provide excellent recommendations for London's best budget spots – the proof is in the pudding, as they also repost pictures from happy customers who've eaten out on their recommendation (and tagged their pics with #LondonCheapEats). Cheap, good food in London may sound like an urban myth, but this account proves otherwise.

And if you ~really~ want to up your budget London eating game, check out the website, aka the main hub for all their £8-or-less food recommendations.