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    22 Brilliant Little Things Under £5 That Will Make You Feel Autumnal

    Turns out you're 100% *that* witch.

    1. This witchy T-shirt is perfect for anyone who is ready for autumn to let them fully lean into their inner witch.

    2. Who's the indie lead in a wistful autumnal romance movie? You are, when you wear these thick, shimmery, creamy-coloured barrettes.

    3. This delightful fox print notepad is just the thing to write down musings in a small cafe in, before you have your meet-cute with the male lead.

    4. This palette of intensely pigmented eyeshadows is filled with autumnal shades, from light gold to fiery red and deep maroon.

    5. Pair it with this moisturising lipstick in a luscious deep plum shade that feels like the quintessential autumn colour.

    6. Equinox is coming up on September 22, so be sure to have these equinox spell-casting candles ready to see it in in true Wiccan style.

    7. While this book of easy-to-follow candle spells will make sure you've plenty of rituals to cast over the season.

    8. This 'wild spice' nail polish is the most perfect warm autumn shade, is touch dry in 60 seconds, and lasts for up to ten days!

    9. Autumn is definitely a season for baking, and this deep pan, non-stick muffin tin will help facilitate your house always smelling like warm baked goods.

    10. This pumpkin pie spice is a blend of cinnamon, cloves, and ginger, and will make all your baked goods (but especially pumpkin pies) taste so autumnal.

    11. Pair your hot-from-the-oven muffins with a cup of this proper Yorkshire tea that has an incredible biscuity taste!

    12. Or if loose leaf is more your thing these cute infusers will make sure you're never without a delicious hot brew on a chilly day.

    13. If you're in the market for an artsy autumn project, this diamond (note: not real diamonds) painting kit will leave you with the most stunning harvest moon artwork afterwards.

    14. This cosy slouchy sweater will keep you toasty and looking cute throughout the cooler (but not yet ice cold) season.

    15. Who doesn't want their house to smell like gingerbread? Literally no one. This fragrance oil will make your home smell like you've been baking up a storm even if you barely go near your kitchen.

    16. Light this Japanese incense to 'evoke the ambience of an autumn's day' in your home. Each stick lasts for an hour!

    17. Or if candles are more your thing, this amber noir candle comes in a luxe looking tin and smells like tuberose, violets, and comforting amber.

    18. Feel super cosy with this Friends hot chocolate that involves melting chocolate chips into hot milk. Definitely one to drink while bundled up on the sofa watching reruns.

    19. This artisanal pumpkin soap smells incredible and feels super luxe. You can also use them in your drawers to scent clothes!

    20. Feel like a harvest queen with these golden laurel wreath barrettes. They work well for an everyday seasonal look, or can be cracked out as part of a Halloween costume!

    21. Very little is better at creating a magical autumn mood than twinkling fairy lights, and this delicate strand of copper wire studded with LEDs will do just that.

    22. How stylish and minimal are these fox stud earrings?! They're a rose gold colour and made of high quality stainless steel.