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11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

The best and brightest news stories.

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The world might seem a bit sad at the minute.

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So here's a bunch of lovely things that have happened to prove it's not all bad!

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Who knows, maybe they'll even make you smile.

1. This little girl showing her friends her new foot.

The best news story today is this little girl called Anu showing her friends her new foot

2. These brilliant nuptials.

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Wait for the bride to begin cracking up.

4. This new, life-saving technology.

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6. This round up of parents' adorable love stories.

7. This sixteen-year-old trying to save a language.

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8. This little boy who's able to see thanks to some high-tech goggles.

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9. Ryan Reynold's love letter to Blake Lively.

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10. This story about a girl who made her prom dress the night before her prom.

Spoiler alert: it turned out AMAZING.
Shami Oshun

Spoiler alert: it turned out AMAZING.

This is a weekly series. Have something happy that you think should be in next week’s post? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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