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23 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts That Will Absolve All Your Sins

Prepare to be bumped up to favourite child.

Time Lane / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. This book of reasons why she's wonderful.

Let them know your top 10 reasons your mum is wonderful and they'll have them printed in the book. Get it from Bread & Jam for £19.95.

2. This gin and tonic bathing gel.

Because I've yet to meet a mother who doesn't like gin. Get it at The Letter Room for £9.95.

3. This letterbox flower subscription.

Choose a bouquet and have a monthly subscription sent. Get it from Bloom & Wild for £50 for three months worth of bouquets.

4. This beautiful Liberty print necklace.

Get it from Liberty for £135.

5. This gorgeously vintage-themed votive collection.

Mums love candles. Fact. And these ones are perfect for mums who were '70s babes. Get this set from Bella Freud for £75.

6. This customisable birthstone necklace.

Add a birthstone for each child, or for each member of the family. Get it from Nelle and Lizzy for £44.79.

7. This personalised copper Polaroid print.

Beautifully stylish and sentimental. Get it from Oakdene Designs for £19.

8. These luxe yet useful slippers.

Comfy AND practical, these slippers are a great gift because she'll love them but they're slightly too expensive to buy for yourself. Get them at Mahabis for £79.

9. These soothing detox bath salts.

This is legitimately the most relaxing bath product I have ever used. A handful of these Himalayan salts in the bath and you're knocked out for the night. Get it for a mum who needs a good night's sleep from Therapie for £40.

10. This gold foil map print.

Either choose your home town, or an area of special meaning to your mum. Get it from Libby McMullin for £35.

11. This rose-scented hanging oval.

My mum is obsessed with scented drawer liners, and this is like a fancier version for her wardrobe. I also have one of these, because who doesn't love rose-scented clothes? Get it from Diptyque for £34.

12. This infinity family link bracelet.

Choose a ring for each child, or each family member. Get it from Francesca Rossi Designs for £25.

13. This adorable dachshund planter.

For green-fingered mums. Get it from Marquis & Dawe for £20.

14. This extra AF mug.

Go above and beyond the usual "Best Mum in the World" mug. Get it from Jennifer Grace Creates for £8.

15. This lovely little coaster.

Get it from Ohh Deer for £2.95.

16. This "I Love You Slightly More Than Dad" candle.

Get it from Lily Belle for £29.

17. This perfect notebook.

Get it from Alfamarama for £5.

18. This lovely mother-and-daughter phone case.

Get it from Casetify for £32.36.

19. This stellar stout barrel-aged whiskey.

If your mum is anything like mine, all she ever wants as a gift is some solidly good whiskey. This new edition from Jameson is gorgeous: whiskey aged in craft beer barrels for a mere £26.45.

20. These tickets to a tea workshop.

The gift box includes a box filled with tea and two tickets to a tea blending, tasting, and tea cocktail drinking workshop at one of Bluebird Tea's UK stores (either Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, or Bristol). Get it from Bluebird Tea Co for £70.

21. A membership to a local museum or gallery.

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If you're in London, you can't go wrong with a year's subscription to the Royal Academy of Art for £97, but if you're not check out the local museums and galleries in your area or consider the National Art Pass for £65.

22. This gorgeous marbled organising notepad.

Get it from Ohh Deer for £5.95.

23. This mother–daughter letter writing set.

Instant messaging is great, but there's something so lovely about letter writing. This set includes a 20-page book to share, plus 40 cards and envelopes and prompts for if you get stuck on what to write about. Get it from Uncommon Goods for £34.18.