23 Tattoos For People Who Just Fucking Love Animals

Wear your furry friends on your sleeve.

1. This tattoo for ocean lovers.

2. This ridiculously pretty stag.

3. This kitty kat.

5. This all-seeing owl.

6. This beautiful bear.

7. This majestic lion.

8. This pretty fox.

9. This fantastic feline.

10. This little guy.

11. This charming snake.

12. This tattoo for indecisive animal lovers.

13. This colourful elephant.

14. This hidden scorpion.

15. These friendly foxes.

16. This fierce wolf.

17. These four-legged friends.

18. This crabby fella.

19. These twin snakebites.

20. This pink flamingo.

21. This powerful panda.

22. These tiger eyes.

23. This perfect pooch.


That tattoo in point 22 features tiger eyes. A previous version of this article called them wolf eyes.

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Emma Cooke is a lifestyle writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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