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    17 Cultured As Fuck Things To Do In London This Autumn

    All things cosy in the big city.

    1. A bowl of £5 ramen at Shoryu.

    Shoryu Ramen

    Shoryu is one of the best joints for ramen in the city, and is currently doing not one, but TWO deals. For people on a budget, they're doing their classic ramen for £5 on Sundays and Mondays (it's usually £11.90). But if you're feeling a lil' more flush, you should definitely check out their new Sunday Bottomless Ramen Brunch.

    It's £38, but you get 1. as many drinks as you want 2. starters 3. four small plates each and 5. BOTTOMLESS ramen. AND dessert. Pro tip: the plum wine with soda is A++, and you can't ever go wrong with Shoryu's classic Tonkotsu ramen IMO.

    When: Sundays and Mondays for £5 ramen, Sundays only for bottomless brunch

    Price: £5 for ramen, £38 for brunch

    Where: Covent Garden branch for ramen, all branches for bottomless brunch

    Book here

    2. Nutella donuts at Doughnut Time.

    3. Harry Potter: A History of Magic at The British Library.

    British Museum

    It's the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter! And the British Library, promised land of all book nerds, is unveiling a magnificent wizarding world-themed exhibition this month. Rare books! Magical objects! Manuscripts! HANDWRITTEN DOCUMENTS FROM OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR J.K ROWLING. You can even, "gaze at Sirius in the night sky as imagined by medieval astronomers", which is perfect for Harry Potter fans who feel they don't weep softly in a foetal position about the death of Sirius enough.

    When: 20th Oct - 28th Feb

    Price: £16

    Where: Kings Cross

    Book here

    4. Noodle soup at Lahpet.

    5. Cheeseburger Harumaki at Ichibuns.

    Facebook: video.php

    Please enjoy this PSA video about why cheeseburger spring rolls are a thing you need in your life. You can get them at Ichibuns, a new Soho restaurant inspired by both retro American diners and the food culture of Hokkaido. It's from the man behind Nobu, and is all about luxury fast food: steaming bowls of ramen, wagyu beef burgers and cocktails, all available to eat in or takeaway. Plus, cheeseburger spring rolls.

    When: open from 12pm every day

    Price: £5 for the harumaki, ramen from £9 and burgers from £10

    Where: Chinatown

    Book here

    6. Blossoming hot chocolate at Dominique Ansel.

    7. Watch Origami with Dance Umbrella.

    Dance Umbrella

    A spectacular open air dance inspired by origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) to enjoy while the weather is still just chilly, rather than freezing. It's part of Dance Umbrella's international dance festival this month – if you're skint, then go and enjoy the free culture, but if you're not, please do take a look at some of the other events they have on too, that show case some hugely talented individuals that are well worth supporting.

    When: 11th - 15th October

    Price: free

    Where: Battersea, Greenwich, Croyden, Tower Hamlets and Woolwich

    8. The "Cuban Delight" experience at City Social.

    City Social

    City Social is a very swish rooftop bar with glorious views across the city, which has just launched a Cuban-inspired experience with Havana Club rum. A dessert twist on an afternoon tea, you get a glass of seven-year-aged rum, espresso and a trio of desserts. Sipping sweet dark rum and even darker espresso while looking out onto the London skyline is a hell of a way to spend a cold evening.

    And at a tenner, it's not bad at all, especially when you take into consideration the location. Rooftop bars are always expensive, you just need to decide whether you want to pay through the nose for bad drinks and food (*cough* £1.50-a-bottle-wine being sold at £6 a glass), or for good drinks and food.

    When: until the end of winter

    Price: £10.50

    Where: Broadgate Circle (near bank)

    Book here

    9. A restaurant tour with London Restaurant Festival.

    10. Ink the Play at Duke of York Theatre.

    Ink the Play

    This play following the rise of Rupert Murdoch, Larry Lamb and the Sun newspaper was recently on at the Almeida, and was so successful it's been transferred to the Duke of York Theatre for a longer run. I saw it in the cheap seats at the Almedia, and even at the back of the room, it was fucking incredible. Easily one of the best shows I've seen this year – it's hard to describe the show without spouting cliches, but "powerful", "moving" and "electrifying" are all bold print poster words that can be applied to Ink with ease.

    When: until January 6th 2018

    Price: tickets from £18

    Where: Covent Garden

    Book here

    11. Vegan food at Essence Cuisine.

    12. A Greek feast at Suvlaki.


    Suvlaki recently launched a second branch on Brick Lane, and if you haven't visited them yet, it's the perfect excuse to go. The restaurant is cosy, the small plates are tasty, and the atmosphere lovely. For an autumn feast, order the soft, smoky octopus, the mussels covered in giant cous cous and crumbled feta and at least a fair few suvlaki skewers.

    When: Open from 12pm, Monday to Friday

    Price: small plates from £4.50, mains from £7.20 and suvlaki from £3.90

    Where: Shoreditch

    Book here

    13. A New York steak dinner at Joe Allen.

    14. The £31 Autumn Menu du Jour at Galvin at Windows.

    15. London Literature Festival at Southbank Centre.

    Southbank Centre

    The Southbank Centre's literature festival is unmissable if you are in any way shape or form a fan of books. They've got talks with authors (I went and saw Margaret Atwood, one of my literary heroes, in conversation and confirmed all my suspicions that she's an absolute firecracker of a lady), workshops, exhibitions, all at price points to suit every budget.

    When: 13th October to 1st November

    Price: there's a number of free events and talks, and then paid-for events can range anywhere from £5 to £45 in price. You can also get day passes and weekend passes from £15 - £25, and £80 event bundles

    Where: Southbank

    Book events here

    16. An Iberico Pork Board at Brindisa.

    17. A Sunday Roast at the Victoria Inn.

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