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    18 Alternative Ways To Spend New Year's Eve

    Because clubbing is overrated.

    1. Visit an underground bar.

    2. Make a time capsule.

    3. Do a New Year's Eve spring clean.

    4. Make your own champagne cocktails.

    5. Have a sleepover.

    6. Have a boardgames night.

    7. Skype a friend.

    8. Go to a fancy cinema.

    9. Or set up your own at home.

    10. Make your countdown extra special.

    11. Host a dinner party.

    12. Plan your New Year's resolutions and come up with a plan for how to make them stick.

    13. Go bowling.

    14. Have a bake-off.

    15. Go stargazing.

    16. Jello shots party!

    17. Have a gaming night.

    18. Stay in bed.