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    19 Affordable Gifts Under £6 That Prove You Don't Need To Spend Loads To Treat Your Best Friend

    Thoughtful and cheap? Yes please.

    1. These cute friendship bracelets can be a treat for both you and your pals! There's two different styles and they're all adjustable so will fit any wrist.

    2. Who doesn't like a little chocolate pick-me-up? This small box of delicious truffles will delight anyone.

    3. If you have a friend who's obsessed with incense, they'll love this ridiculously pretty brass incense holder. It's a little over a fiver admittedly, but just look at it.

    4. Nothing brings friends together like a bit of spell casting, and these magic spell candles make it easy to perform love rituals or protective charms.

    5. These little elephant candles are just so lovely and can be given as one gift, or you can hand them out individually to multiple friends!

    6. This Friends-themed cushion cover will come embellished with a classic quote from the show.

    7. No one could be displeased with these simple but chic gold hoop earrings that are stylish without being extravagant.

    8. This charming illustrated 'mama bear' coaster should absolutely be given to the motherly friend in your group – or any actual mums!

    9. Got a friend going through a hard time? This 'Bag of Happiness' survival kit is the sweetest gesture.

    10. Everyone needs new socks, it's just a fact, so these cute printed ones are a foolproof gift and come in loads of different prints!

    11. This chic porcelain mug looks so much more expensive than it is.

    12. This fruity strawberry and elderflower tea is perfect as the weather gets warmer.

    13. Gift these diddy salt and pepper shakers to the pal who's the missing piece of your puzzle.

    14. At your next sleepover or pamper session, how nice will this fluffy headband be to pull out?! It also comes with brushes for applying face masks!

    15. And these fruity sheet masks will also be great to bring out next time you're chilling with your friends!

    16. Any stressed-out friend who's struggling to relax or get enough shuteye will really appreciate this aromatherapy roller designed to promote sleep.

    17. This pack of lip balms is made for divvying up between friends! Each one is SPF30 and smells amazing.

    18. This vanilla and coconut scented candle will make any room smell like a beach holiday.

    19. And, if in doubt, you absolutely can't go wrong with this pocket hug, to remind your loved ones that you're always there for them.