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    36 Incredibly Petty Things Siblings Have Done To Each Other

    There's no petty like sibling petty.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the pettiest things they've ever done to their siblings. Here are the results.

    1. Broke their PlayStation game.

    "When I was younger, I was REALLY into playing Final Fantasy 7 on the original PlayStation. One day while I was playing my younger sister came downstairs and stated she wanted to play her game, Crash Bandicoot I think. I told her she had to wait. She immediately threw a tantrum and my parents demanded I hop off and let her play just to shut her up. Sitting on the couch watching her gleefully make faces at me since she got her way was more than I could bear.

    "I ran to the PS, shut the game off, and took out the disc all in one quick motion. She immediately threw another tantrum while I taunted her with the game disc. Sick and tired of her getting her way, I threw the disc like a frisbee against the wall, where it shattered into pieces. Parents packed up the game system for a month as punishment, but it was worth wiping that smile off her face."

    – Emeri Tompkins, Facebook

    2. Took their money.

    "When we were preteens, my older brother had an airsoft gun. One day he had shot me in the face (it left a mark). He KNEW our parents would take away his guns if they knew he shot me in the face, so he gave me $30 to keep quiet. The next day I bought a Lego set with the money. Later that night when we were having dinner, I flat out told our parents he shot me in the face – by that point there was no way he could get his money back."

    – Hayden Thomas Veach, Facebook

    3. Gave them a drink of milk.


    "My brother would always leave half-empty soda cans in the fridge. Not approving of his lack of commitment, I replaced his soda with milk.

    "I was fortunate enough to see the progression of emotions on his face before he spat out a mouthful of milk."

    – Ryan Matthew Jones, Facebook

    4. Almost got them fired.

    "My brother ate my food that I called dibs on so I took his keys. He missed work and almost got fired. Don't take my food."

    – kateflowerhome

    5. Told them something terrible (and A LIE).

    Colombia Pictures

    "My younger brother blamed me for something he did and I got grounded for it. He was about 7 and it was just before Christmas. So I told him Santa wasn't real."

    – erindonohue713

    6. Followed their rules.

    "When I was little my brother always got mad at me for going in his room. So one day when he was at a friend's house, I snuck in and messed everything up. When he got back and saw the mess, he yelled at me to clean it up – I replied, 'I can't. I'm not allowed in your room.'"

    – kellyc4cf6c4c5a

    7. Watched shows without them.

    "When I'm mad at my sister, the pettiest thing I do is watch episodes of shows we watch together without her. It stings, but it must be done."

    – leannarene

    8. Made sure they couldn't watch shows without them.

    "My sister and I got into a fight, and at the time we were binge-watching Bates Motel. She threatened to watch the season finale without me, so I went on every device I have and turned on a random Netflix show so she wouldn't be able to access her account – our Netflix is limited to a few devices at once."

    – taylors4be83b865

    9. Made them eat dog food.

    "Growing up, my sister was often terrible to me. One day she broke her mom's crystal egg. I agreed not to tell on her if she agreed to do what I asked her. My evil plan worked perfectly. I told her she would have to eat dog food. She did and I kept my mouth shut...but she still got caught anyway."

    – delightfullyawkward

    10. Hid their clothes.

    "When my brother took my portable charger and lost it, I took all of his clothes from his room and hid them throughout the house, only leaving him with a hotdog costume to wear. No regrets. That was an expensive charger."

    – madyolivia13

    11. Drank all their soda.

    "I had a nice piece of steak in the refrigerator that I had cooked the night before, but when I got up the next morning to heat it up, I found out that my brother had taken it to school for his lunch. I was furious. Well, he took a soda to school every day, and he had enough in the fridge for the next two weeks, and I knew that he wouldn't have the money to replace them, so I drank every single one while he was at school. We take food thievery very seriously in my household."

    – johnnaconley

    12. Left them in a tree.

    "My sister got stuck in a tree, like, physically stuck when we were at a park. I was mad at her, so when a woman came and asked if she should call someone, I said 'no, she's fine', then I just left and went home leaving my sister in the tree.

    "When I got home my parents asked where my sister was, and I told them 'stuck in a tree'. They went to the park and the fire department was there cutting her out of the tree."

    – jordynv4118d59d5

    13. Filled their suitcase with pennies.

    14. Ruined their face towel.

    "My older sister once ratted me out to my parents for smoking a cigarette (that she gave me) when I was 16, so I blew my nose in her face towel and watched while she used it to take her makeup off."

    – quarterhorse411

    15. Gave them an allergic reaction.

    Columbia Pictures

    "My sister is allergic to gluten: pasta, pizza, sausages, cakes, bread! But she always used to (and still does) eat my French fries whenever I order them at a restaurant. So I started getting into the habit of sprinkling breadcrumbs over all of my French fries so that if she did take one she would have an allergic reaction."

    – scarlettw409ce74a1

    16. Told them to lick frost.

    "I am seven years older than my sister and had to watch her a lot when we were growing up. I hated it! She was so annoying! When she was 3 and I was 10, I wanted to go outside and build a snowman after the first snowfall of the season. My mom told me that I could go outside, but that I would have to keep an eye on my sister who wanted to play in the snow too. I tried making a snowman and my sister kept smashing it, so I told her to lick the frost off the metal flag pole in our yard. I left her stuck there until I finished building my snowman."

    – ckrausbauer

    17. Glittered them up.

    "Back in high school, my brother kept eating my leftovers and lying about it so I put micro glitter in his shampoo and conditioner. Every time he bathed to try and get it off, he just added more sparkle. My parents didn't even punish me because they couldn't stop laughing."

    – prncesskristyn

    18. Decapitalised their name.

    "My little sister always got attention, so I always wrote her name without capitalising the first letter since we had just learned that capitalising proper nouns indicated importance or respect."

    – allisonl4eeb8b070

    19. Called the police on them.

    "One day my little brother was parked in my driveway listening to music as loud as he could in his car. I was trying to take a nap before work and he REFUSED to turn it down and didn't want to drive anywhere because he didn't have gas money. I called the police and filed a noise complaint. Needless to say he got a ticket and didn't listen to music while I was home in the driveway any more."

    – talynm

    20. Knocked over their shampoo.

    "My sister would always knock over my shampoo bottles in the shower and they'd end up leaking. So one day I poured out all of her shampoo into the tub and left the empty bottle laying there. When she confronted me about it I just simply said, 'Oops, sorry, I just knocked it over and forgot to pick it up.' I was, like, 10."

    – jodieh2

    21. Destroyed their Barbies.

    "When we were little my sister had collector Barbies still in their boxes. I was 9 and decided I needed to play with them. So I carefully took them out of the box (I was going to put them back in. I still think it would've worked) and played with them. I wasn't done yet so I hid all the evidence in my closet. Well, I went away with my mom to my aunts for the weekend and my sister got into my closet. Of course she got super pissed at me. So she cut off the hair of all of my Barbies and tied ribbon around their necks and hung them from my ceiling. Imagine coming home at finding all your Barbies naked and hairless hanging from the ceiling by their necks."

    – sierrad4b106c5f8

    22. Framed them.

    "My brother once took a permanent marker and wrote my name on the bathroom counter then crossed it out to make it look like I tried to cover it up but not enough so you could still read it. My mom would not believe me that he did it."

    – Stephanie Workman

    23. Created a playlist for them.

    24. Got them to break their own things.

    "When I was a kid, my brother and I were fighting and I chased him into the bathroom. To keep him trapped, I tied his Nintendo remote control cord to the door handle and secured it so that when he tried to get out of the bathroom he broke his own game controller... I feel bad about it now!"

    – shannah5

    25. Gave them the silent treatment.

    Fox TV

    "When we were young, my sister and I would sometimes be offended by our brother and give him the silent treatment. But if we HAD to speak to him, we would spit immediately afterwards because speaking to him was just too impure for our petty mouths."

    – thezarakim

    26. Wreaked havoc with their earrings.

    "I would take my sister's earring and bend the backing back and forth until it just about broke. And kept it kind of bent, so the next time when she tried to fix it, it would break."

    – emilyferdinandf

    27. Held their cereal hostage.

    "My younger sister informed me I wasn't allowed to eat her Lucky Charms. Okay, fine. If I wasn't allowed to eat them I'd make sure she wouldn't eat them either. I spent the next 45 minutes picking out all the marshmallows and left just the cereal in the box along with a note. When she found out the next morning and texted me, I replied with a picture of me at work with the marshmallows. Which I then proceeded to eat."

    – agreene501

    28. Gave them a new eyeliner.

    "I emptied out my sister's liquid eyeliner (it's in a small bottle) and took a small tube of pure black pen ink and poured it into the liquid eyeliner bottle. It was funny because she had raccoon eyes for at least 3 days."

    – e45a62c6a4

    29. Kept the receipts.

    30. Brought them some ice cream.

    "One day, when I was about 10 years old, my sister kept bothering me for no apparent reason. She ended up getting me (and somehow, not herself) into trouble. So later that week she skipped dinner because she had to work on a project. Being the lovely sister that I was, I brought some ice cream upstairs to her room. I told her that our mom had made this for her and wanted me to bring it up.

    "What my sister didn't know is that I had taken some vanilla ice cream and COVERED it in pepper flakes. I'd even taken the time to mix it in so that the pepper was evenly (and abundantly) distributed. She asked me what kind of ice cream it was, and I said it was cookies and cream. She then eats a big spoonful and immediately gags. She gets up like she's going to go dump it, but I start freaking out. I told her, 'omg no what are you doing?!?! Mom made that for you and she's going to be so mad if you don't finish it. You better eat it all or you're gonna get into so much trouble!!!'

    "So she sits there for about half an hour and finishes THE ENTIRE BOWL OF PEPPER-COVERED ICE CREAM. To this day, I still haven't come clean."

    – sofijaimes1

    31. Left a present in their bed.

    Colombia Pictures

    "When I was in high school, my younger brother and I fought. He was being completely irrational, and his argument really pissed me off. So I calmly went upstairs, cut my fingernails and toenails, collected them in a pile, and tossed the nails under my brother's bedsheets."

    – palmsofsteel

    32. Cut off their nose to spite their face.

    "My sister had a sweater that she never wore, but never let me wear it even though I loved it. So I 'did her laundry for her' and purposefully shrank it. It now fits our little brother."

    – deebomb

    33. Ruined Christmas.

    New Line Cinema

    "When I was 13 my sister had a boyfriend none of us liked, partly because he smelled really bad. So I got a bar of soap, carved in the word HINT, poured in a gel soap and let it set. Then I wrapped it in plastic wrapping and ribbon, made a box for it then wrapped up the box with ribbon too. He was over for Christmas and I presented it to him and, according to my mum, 'ruined Christmas'."

    – mattw4cdd9c263

    34. Gave them an ant infestation.

    "My sister likes to always yell at me about cleaning more. Went into her room one day to feed the fish and saw she left a cupcake from the night before on her desk. A single file line of ants was marching towards it and I decided to let it happen. By the time she discovered it the ants were EVERYWHERE on her stuff. Guess who needs to clean more now."

    – coralb4355f88b0

    35. Did unspeakable things to their toothbrush.


    "Swirled my twin sister's toothbrush around in the toilet water when she made me mad. Passive-aggressive? Yeah. She's meaner than me though."

    – rsmccarver

    36. Added extra flavour to their ramen.

    "My older sisters were ALWAYS turning off my cartoons for soap operas and I had no say, so I got revenge wherever I could. One day, when I was 7 and my sister was 11, she came into the living room with a bowl of ramen, turned off my cartoons, then went back to the kitchen to get something. While she was gone, I stuck my bare feet in her soup. Then sat and watched gleefully while she ate the entire bowl."

    – abbeym44887e8f0

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