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    25 Glorious Ways To Eat Bacon For Breakfast

    Wakey wakey!

    1. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

    2. Bacon Caramel Donuts

    3. Bacon and Corn Griddle Cakes

    4. Nutella and Bacon Stuffed French Toast

    5. Bacon and Egg Muffin Cups

    6. Bacon and Eggs Breakfast Panini

    7. Bacon and Jam Mini Monkey Bread

    8. Blue Cheese and Bacon Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches

    9. Avocado BLTs with Bacon, Egg and Spicy Mayo

    10. Paleo Bacon Egg Muffins

    11. Avocado Bacon and Eggs

    12. Bacon Quiche Egg Tarts

    13. Breakfast Omelet Cheesy Garlic Bread

    14. Pan Fried Fingerling Potatoes with Bacon

    15. Hash Brown Egg Nests with Avocado and Bacon

    16. Bacon, Egg and Cheese Brunch Ring

    17. Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet

    18. Pull Apart Bacon French Toast Muffins

    19. Bacon, Spaghetti Squash and Parmesan Fritters

    20. Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake

    21. Skillet Breakfast Potatoes

    22. Crabcake Eggs Benedict with Bacon Hollandaise Sauce

    23. Breakfast Quesadilla

    24. Bacon Cheese Pull Apart Bread

    25. Blueberry Bacon Breakfast Cake