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    24 Metallic Tattoos That Will Give You Life This Summer

    Get the golden touch.

    1. These geometric shapes.

    2. This fairy-like decoration.

    3. This adorable mother-daughter combo.

    4. These intricate gold swirls.

    5. These colourful matching tats.

    6. This vintage floral embellishment.

    7. This peekaboo back tat.

    8. This golden elephant.

    9. These bad boys.

    10. This collection of gold, black and silver lines.

    11. This seriously chic strip of black and gold.

    12. This gold and turquoise perfection.

    13. This delicate floral design.

    14. This shimmering back tat.

    15. These incredible blue and gold designs.

    16. This palooza of gold.

    17. These collarbone embellishments.

    18. These henna-like designs.

    19. These unashamedly golden arm cuffs.

    20. These festival-ready shapes.

    21. These clean-cut diamonds.

    22. These yoga-friendly stick ons.

    23. These perfectly placed arrows.

    24. And this fruity little number.