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    23 Beautifully Vague Gifts For Your Not-Quite-S.O

    Non-soppy gifting.

    Sian Butcher / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This roll-on perfume.

    2. This delightful card.

    By The Paper Cub, £4.10.

    3. This literary notebook.

    Sloane Stationery

    By Sloane Stationery, £15.

    4. This perfect pin.

    By Tings By Us, £6.90.

    5. This handy wallet.

    6. This molecular necklace.

    FYI, this is serotonin, which is a chemical that makes you happy. So you're basically giving them happiness, which is really very sweet in an understated way. By Little English Jewellery, £13.12.

    7. These cedar soaps.

    8. These pretty birds.

    By Mica Peet, £10.

    9. This retro phone.

    So you can talk more. By Yesterday's Gaze, £35.12.

    10. This cute cat bracelet.

    When it's this cute, who cares if it's not gold. By Gallaghers Boutique, £6.99.

    11. This marshmallow toasting kit.

    12. This shower souffle.

    Caramel sweet for your sweet. By Soul and Soap, £12.99.

    13. This good vibes keychain.

    By Oh No Rachio, £7.50.

    14. This Gameboy Colour.

    For the gamer in your life. By Ebay, £9.99.

    15. This literary cuff.

    Inscribed with words from Crime and Punishment. By Jezebel Charms, £28.70.

    16. This phone case.

    A bouquet of fries, is the best bouquet. By Casetify, £31.84.

    17. This lovely tea strainer.

    By Pen and Favour, £3.28.

    18. This honest mug.

    Just a subtle little hint. By Sara Hynes Designs, £10.25.

    19. This floral tea.

    Tea roses > real roses. By Twinings, £22.

    20. This beard oil.

    Soften him up. By Little Green Soap, £6.75.

    21. These bath salts.

    22. This delicious necklace.

    By PowHiSo, £20.50.

    23. These champagne truffles.

    No hearts in sight. By Hotel Chocolat, £20.