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    22 Weirdly Satisfying Baking Videos That Will Soothe You

    So much frosting.

    1. These flowers.

    2. These soothing brushstrokes.

    3. These mighty macarons.

    4. This perfect piping.

    5. These soothing waves.

    6. These mesmerizing lines.

    7. This delicious drizzling.

    8. This incredible marbling.

    9. This icing smoothing.

    10. This edible handwriting.

    11. These adorable cake pops.

    12. This brûlée sizzle.

    13. This rhythmic frosting.

    14. These red velvet layers.

    15. This meringue topping.

    16. These cookie bites.

    17. This cupcake topping.

    18. This magical unicorn.

    19. This rainbow.

    20. This dream cake.

    21. This simple home cooking.

    22. These delightful dabs.

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