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17 London Hot Dogs That Will Sexually Awaken You

All satisfying no matter the size.

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1. A Crown Chippy at Bubbledogs.

This place does just two things: champagne and hot dogs. This is one for those that know they're fancy, but also just fucking love some dirty food (shout out to the folks who drink in nice cocktail bars then get Macca's on the way home). All the hotdogs are pretty good – the one topped with mac n cheese holds a special place in my heart – but you should 100% go try their current "guest dog", which comes from three Michelin-starred The Fat Duck.

Called the Crown Chippy Dog, it's a hot dog coated in aerated batter, served with minted mushy pea ketchup, pickled quails eggs, triple cooked chip crumbs, tartare sauce and "chip shop smell". And at £11 a pop, it's probably the cheapest way to try actual fill-you-up food from The Fat Duck.

Location: Goodge Street

Price: £11

2. The Big Dog at Big Apple Hot Dogs.

Big Apple

If you're ever going through Kings Cross station, you need to get off and go try one of these hot dogs. A diddy little stall that's only open for like, I think two to three hours each day at lunchtime, their dogs are seriously good. I first went with a friend while we were waiting for a train, and put off by the price (they're £7 and not huge hot dogs) didn't get one – but my friend did. I had a bite of theirs and had to go back to buy one for myself, it was that good.

First timers, order the signature Big Dog with all the trimmings. It's incredible.

Location: Euston

Price: £7

3. A Camel Toe at Pop Dogs

Instagram: @popdogslondon

If you're a seasoned hot dogger looking for something rather *more*, check out Pop Dogs for a little something extra. They're the kink to everyone else's vanilla dogs. Sure, if you want an all-american classic, they've got it on the menu. But to go and not try their three unexpectedly delicious variations is to play yourself.

Both the Second Base (a fish dog with salsa verde) and the Morning Glory (a breakfast sausage with baked beans, egg and bacon) look brilliant, but it's the Camel Toe that has my heart: spiced lamb sausage with harissa mayo and rocket.

Or, if you're veggie, the Hairy Angel (Caerphilly cheese & leek) is delicious too.

Location: various street food festivals, check their website for upcoming locations

Price: £7

4. A Yankee at Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones

Dirty Bones do dirty food really, really well. In particular, their Mac Daddy burger will make you feel like you're experiencing nirvana in your mouth, as will the Yankee hot dog. Available in pork, beek or veggie, it's topped with sauerkraut, spring onion, mustard and smoked tomato ketchup and is a flavour sensation.

Location: Carnaby and Shoreditch

Price: £7.50


5. A Currywurst at Herman Ze German

Herman Ze German

Easily some of the best 'dogs in London. If you're looking for a bargain, I reckon the best value hot dogs are to be found at Herman Ze German, with their wurst in a roll going for £4.95. If you're a little more flush though, the Currywurst (fries and sliced hot dog in delicious sauce) is amazing.

FYI, if meat isn't your thing, they also have great veggie dogs on the menu here.

Location: Charing Cross, Fitzrovia and Soho

Price: Wurst in a roll is £4.95, Currywurst is £7.50

6. A Shack-Cago Dog at Shake Shack.

Instagram: @shakeshack

Controversial opinion: I am not sold on the majority of these new hyped-up American burger joints that have come across to the UK. I'm sorry, but I just don't see how they're that much better than fast food joints selling their food at £3.50 a pop rather than £10 a pop. Don't @ me. The exception to this rule is Shake Shack. I bloody love these guys, and have been more times than I can count (I have a crack-like addiction to their fries).

While it's the burgers that usually take centre stage, I also highly recommend their hotdogs too. All varieties are good, but the Shack-cago Dog is a great jumping off point; it's just a classic hot dog, with all the trimmings, done really well.

Location: Covent Garden, Canary Wharf, Stratford and Leicester Square

Price: £5.25

7. A Chilli Dog at Hawksmoor Spitalfields.


Hawksmoor's regular menu is all great, but if you're heading to their Spitalfields branch, go to the bar downstairs and order their Chilli Dog, a hidden treat of a hot dog. Topped with melty cheese and chilli beef, it's one of the best drinking buddies in the city.

Location: Spitalfields

Price: £10

8. A Texas Style Dog at BurgerFi.

Instagram: @burgerfi

A new one on the food scene, BurgerFi has just launched in Russell Square, and already looks promising. Definitely pop in to give their Texas Style Dog, which comes topped with chilli, cheese and hot sauce, a whirl.

Location: Russell Square

Price: Basic 'dog is £3.50, £1 extra for the "Texas style" toppings


9. A Diner Dog at The Diner.

The Diner

I've been going to The Diner for years, and they rarely disappoint. If you want a really good junk food fix, you can't go far wrong here. The Diner Dog is also great, topped with a generous amount of swiss cheese (my favourite bedmate), bacon, sour cream and pickles (my other favourite bedmates).

Locations: all over London

Price: from £5.95

10. A special at Joe's Southern Table and Bar.

The classic dogs here are great. But find out what their specials are, because jesus, they're winners. Like, look at the mac n cheese topped one up there. That's what you need to hold out for friends. Don't accept less than that from your hot dog.

Location: Camden and Covent Garden

Price: £10

11. A The Littlest Hobo at Meat Mission.

Meat Mission

If you want to have a hot dog that also makes you feel good about yourself (in the "i'm a good person" way, not in the "yesss, I just ate three hot dogs in one sitting, new record" way), go try Meat Mission's new hot dog. They've launched a 'dog covered in melted beer cheese sauce and crispy onions, and are donating £1 of ever hot dog sold to canine charities. So, really, you need to go eat like, at least three of these. Think of the puppies. Do it for them.

Location: Hoxton

Price: £8.50

12. A Philly Cheese Dog at Electric Diner.

Instagram: @electricdiner

Disappointing cinema hot dogs are the bane of my life, so thank god for Electric Diner, who do the most amazing cinema hot dogs you've ever had. Well, I say cinema hotdog – technically these Philly Cheese dogs are available at the diner attached to the cinema, but potato pot-ah-to. Plus, if you show them an Electric Cinema ticket stub, you get 50% off your bill from 5 to 6pm, which is brilliant.

Location: Notting Hill

Price: £12


13. A Hot Dog at All Star Lanes.

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes in Brick Lane have just had a big 'ole refurb job, and are looking sexy as fuck. As are their hot dogs, which come dripping in beans and cheese, just like god intended. Order with a side of sweet potato fries and an evening of whole bowling fun.

Location: Brick Lane

Price: £5.50

14. A Dog Deluxe at Galvin Hop.

Instagram: @amyintheuk

The Galvin Hop is a "pub" in the sense that it's a charming bistro with a banging gastropub menu. They also do the poshest 'dogs in London – go for the Dog Deluxe, which comes topped with crispy shallots, champagne sauerkraut and black truffle mustard.

Location: Spitalfields

Price: £12.50

15. A Beef Richard at Engine Hot Dogs

Engine Hot Dogs

Street food hot dogs that are worth tracking down – seriously, you need to get your mouth around these handmade, double smoked sausages pronto. If you're feeling overwhelmed by choice, then you can't go wrong with the signature, New York-style Beef Richard. But, if you want something a little different, the Yoshi dog with takoyaki sauce, crispy seaweed and wasabi mayo is a thing of beauty.

Location: follow them on social to find out where they'll be next

Price: £5

16. A Chilli Dog at Meat Liquor.

Meat Liquor

Don't be put off by the size of this one, it looks intimidating, but the trick is to just go to town on it and not care what you look like in the process. Be careful though. A big dog with big flavours, you may find yourself not able to go back to regular hot dogs after you're done.

Location: Bond Street and Angel

Price: £9

17. A Danish Dog at Scandinavian Kitchen.

Instagram: @azz2206

When you think of hot dogs, "Scandinavia" isn't often the first word that pops in your head (or is it?). But that should change, because these Scandi dogs are the bomb, and are only £2 a pop on Fridays. Because the only thing better than a tasty sausage is a cheap tasty sausage.

Location: Oxford Circus

Price: £2 on Fridays!