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    26 Signs You Are Addicted To Chipotle

    Step 1: Acknowledging the problem. Step 2: Doing absolutely nothing about it because it's too damn good. Here are some signs you might be in an obsessive relationship with Chipotle.

    1. This is your god:

    Chipotle founder Steve Ells

    2. You commonly refer to yourself as a Chipotle addict or "Chipotlaholic" and joke about how their ingredients must be mixed with heroin or crack in order to give your addiction some sort of evidentiary support.

    3. You see that the line is out the door and down the street and it still doesn't deter you.

    4. You never get tired of this set up.

    5. Just looking at this makes your mouth water.

    6. You rarely, if ever, deviate from your favorite ingredients. Occasionally you'll mix it up with a new salsa or double something up but you know what you like.

    7. This is how you feel when they get stingy with the portions...

    8. You're usually a very honest person, but...

    9. You have your own little ways of working the system, i.e., getting a bowl with soft taco shells on the side...tacos/mini burritos with most of the bowl leftover!

    10. You respect the delicate and learned skill of wrapping the perfect burrito.

    And you understand this epic struggle.

    But then this happens.

    11. You get giddy when you find the chips covered with the most crystal salty deliciousness.

    12. You noticed when the bright yellow corn salsa started to become white corn salsa...and you were skeptical of this although they assured you it was a seasonal thing.

    13. Of course you know about the nachos and the quesadillas, both of which are considered "secret" menu items for the less knowledgeable Chipotlians among us.

    14. When you go to Chipotle with friends you don't talk while you eat...there's no time for talking. It's serious.

    15. The size of this guy's burrito makes you want to stand up and start a slow clap.

    16. You literally SEETHE when the person in front of you has 5 orders they're reading off of their phone...Ain't nobody got time for that.

    17. This is how you feel while eating Chipotle.

    18. This is how you feel after...

    19. But that doesn't stop you from coming back the next day bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

    20. Not even this will stop you from going back.

    21. You would (and probably have) dressed up as a burrito on halloween for a free "Boo-rito".

    22. Heck, you'd even subject your helpless child to a foil wrap in order to get another one.

    23. Forget babies in flowers, you think this is much more artistic.

    24. You know just the right thing to say to your significant other to get them going.

    25. Sometimes you wish your Chipotle could whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

    26. You wrote this question on the FAQ section of the Chipotle website.

    Let's face it, no matter how hard you try your Chipotle addiction will always get the best of you. They know it, we know it, better to just accept it now.

    And never let go.