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Quirky Places To Eat In Melbourne That Will Change The Way You Dine

No alcohol required to feel the effects

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1. Grand Trailer Park Taverna

De-brief me - Food & Lifestyle Blog / Via

Set up like a true southern USA trailer park, this burger joint is anything but trailer trash. Seat yourself in one of their trailer booths and feast on an array of American burgers, hand cut chips and a spiked milkshake - you'll feel like a 16 year old American kid sneakily filling their diner milkshake with their hidden flask. Bottoms up! / Via

I'm really into fitn'ess burger in too!

2. The Australian Shark and Ray Centre

Oz Shark and Ray website / Via

So you've been dying to impress your girl, and you're ready to take your dinner date up to the next level. What could be more romantic than eating in a pool of sharks and stingrays? Nothing, thought so. Step into some classy waterproof dungarees and dine as they swim across your lap. A guaranteed way to take your girls breath away (and possibly double her heart rate).

Book online at:

3. The Croft Institute / Via

Follow a winding graffiti lane off Chinatown until you stumble across this bar, which symbolises the type of creepy people you might expect to find in this kind of alleyway. Don't be fooled though, this place is anything but creepy. You enter into a room reminiscent of an old school science lab, and before you go searching the rest of the place, order one of The Croft's famous cocktails, fitted with syringes to shoot your alcohol into your mouth. Then make your way upstairs and get chills in your bones with the asylum-themed bathrooms - complete with hospital beds in the toilets.

4. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

Urbanspoon / Via

While this restaurant is on the move, it stops nothing short of spectacular. Dine in the comfort of a tram, and eat the restaurant's exceptional food as you roll through the streets of Melbourne. With stabilisers to ensure a bump-free ride, this restaurant will take you all the way back to colonial Victoria, an experience like no other. And really, there's nothing better than hopping on a tram that doesn't have a temperamental Myki machine!

5. Jafflechutes

Facebook - Jafflechutes / Via Facebook: jafflechutes

Have you ever just wanted a jaffle to fall from the sky into your hands? Of course you have, you're human. Well, Jafflechutes make all your dreams come true. The basic premise: you order online with PayPal, you go to the 'X' at the designated time and then you catch your jaffle. Watch your jaffle float down to you in a parachute, and then munch on all that cheesy goodness. Nothing makes food better than having to work for it.

Order online at: (currently not open in Melbourne, keep your ears open though!)

View this video on YouTube

YouTube - Jafflechutes / Via

6. Doughboys Doughnuts

Facebook - Doughboys Doughnuts / Via Facebook: doughboysdoughnutsmelbourne

These bad-boys will give you an all-new perspective to doughnuts. Dipped in any assortment of gourmet toppings (think PB&J and Merlot) alongside traditional toppings, these will make your morning. You'll never think of a doughnut in the same way again...

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