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18 Thoughts All Melbournians Have In Winter

Why is it so damn cold?!

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1. How many layers can I wear before I look like a balloon animal?

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2. Will I survive walking down the icy steps of Parliament Station?

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3. Why is every inch of me frozen??

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4. I'm so pale I could be cast as Casper the Friendly Ghost

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5. Should I go outside and exercise? Screw it. I'll sleep - that burns calories.

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6. ...Please don't slip on the wet path, please...

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7. I should really invest in an umbrella

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8. I should buy a sturdier umbrella...

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9. Why do I ever buy umbrellas? Stupid wind.

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10. It's been 19 degrees all week, what a nice warm winter for once!

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11. Never mind, it's only a top of 10 degrees today.

12. Why do I bring pools home in my shoes every day?

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13. I wish I brought my gloves with me

14. Where did this rain come from?!

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15. Why did I bother styling my hair this morning?

16. Why is the weather attacking me?

17. I hate walking in the cold

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18. I just want to stay in bed.

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