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We all make mistakes, but Carrie Bradshaw has makes plenty more. Here is a GIF for every time Carrie was a twat.

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When Carrie asks Charlotte for money. / Via

Charlotte has just finalised her divorce from a twat and the her friend asks her for money whilst showing off her new shoes. When Charlotte said NO! Carrie has a strop. What a twat.

Carrie tries to plea with a thief. / Via

When Carrie has her purse and shoes stolen she pleas with her mugger to not take her precious shoes. So for a broke journalist, she would rather her shoes be returned? OK... pretty twatty and idiotic.

When Carrie is desperate. / Via

Carrie dresses up in a beret and brings McDonald's to surprise Mr Big (who is at the time married). Big is married, Carrie deffo doesn't eat McDonald's and the beret would be cute for an UNMARRIED PERSON!

When Carrie falls. / Via

Carrie is doing a charity fashion and falls over. I know this is harsh but she looks like someone has just died. She lays on the floor for a prolonged period instead of laughing it off... Twat?

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