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We all make mistakes, but Carrie Bradshaw has makes plenty more. Here is a GIF for every time Carrie was a twat.

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When Carrie asks Charlotte for money. / Via

Charlotte has just finalised her divorce from a twat and the her friend asks her for money whilst showing off her new shoes. When Charlotte said NO! Carrie has a strop. What a twat.

Carrie tries to plea with a thief. / Via

When Carrie has her purse and shoes stolen she pleas with her mugger to not take her precious shoes. So for a broke journalist, she would rather her shoes be returned? OK... pretty twatty and idiotic.

When Carrie is desperate. / Via

Carrie dresses up in a beret and brings McDonald's to surprise Mr Big (who is at the time married). Big is married, Carrie deffo doesn't eat McDonald's and the beret would be cute for an UNMARRIED PERSON!

When Carrie is too cool for school. / Via

That time Carrie is walking through NYC in a tu-tu like YES I AM COOL and gets splashed by a bus. Who walk around NYC in a tu-tu - A twat.

When Carrie falls. / Via

Carrie is doing a charity fashion and falls over. I know this is harsh but she looks like someone has just died. She lays on the floor for a prolonged period instead of laughing it off... Twat?

When Carrie gets dumped via post-it.

When Carrie gets dumped on a post-it by Burger she goes around asking everyone (including the dudes mates) asking "WHY!?". Maybe, Carrie, because your a twat?

When Carrie judges Samantha's bush. / Via

Hello Carrie! It's called feminism and your a sex columnist?

When Carries wears the tu-tu round 2. / Via

The fact that Carrie kept the tu-tu she walked around NYC in and wears it at home.

When Carrie interrupts Natasha's

anonymous / Via

Carrie already stole her husband and now she's ruining Natasha's vibe for her date!? Carrie you massive twat. Sorry but Big wants her not you!

When Carrie falls on the floor in Dior. / Via

It is literally like she throws herself and flies onto the floor just to feel bad for herself. You are living in Paris rent free and shopping at Dior? Twat.

When Carrie cried because she has no money. / Via

You are a journalist, living in NYC, shopping and eating out every day! Twat?

When Carrie wore a bird on her head. / Via

Carries wedding outfit was pretty out there! Mr Big jolts her at the alter... but ever wondered if that's because he saw the bird on her head and was like "what a twat"?

Carries hate for home cooking.

She stores her jumpers in the oven!? That my friend is because you hardly eat. Carrie stop being a twat and hating on ovens!?

When Carrie doesn't listen. / Via

Carrie relates everyone else's problems back to herself. Like a twat she tend to mute her mates and insists on EVERYTHING being about HER!

When Carrie got drunk at Vogue.

anonymous / Via

Your broke and you just landed a job at Vogue... why get wasted? Because your a twat!

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