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    21 Functional Kitchen Products That'll Make Cooking A Little Easier

    I can't believe I don't already have these.

    1. A handheld citrus squeezer that'll make juicing your limes and lemons a total cinch. It'll filter out seeds and pulp, so you won't have to use your fingers to pick any out.

    a person using the citrus squeezer to squeeze lemon juice into a glass

    2. A silicone splatter screen that'll prevent oil splashes when you're frying up something delicious. You can also use it as a strainer, trivet, and even as a pizza pan.

    A person holding the splatter screen over a pan

    3. A set of magnetic spice jars you can stick to your fridge, so you won't have to dig around in your cupboards every time need them. Each one has two slots to sprinkle your herbs out of, which you can open and close by twisting the lid.

    two spice jars with two different slots for pouring herbs out of

    4. A pair of silicone gap fillers that'll save you from constantly lugging your oven out of place to sweep up crumbs and rogue pasta shells. They'll also decrease your chance of attracting pests, which is always a plus.

    a person cutting a gap filler with scissors to adjust its fit

    5. An herb stripping tool that'll speed up the process of de-stemming your greens. It's equipped with six holes that vary in size, so it can accommodate a wide range of stems and sprigs.

    a person using the herb stripping tool to de-stem a sprig of rosemary

    6. A pair of over-cabinet bins you can use to catch excess food scraps while you prep your next meal. They'll save you from making a mess on your counter and help you keep your kitchen clean while you cook.

    a person cutting onions on a cutting board beside the bin which is catching food scraps

    7. A KitchenAid food chopper that can cut, purée, and whip up your ingredients in a jiffy. It's cordless, so you can easily move it around the kitchen while you cook up a storm.

    a kitchenaid chopper on a countertop

    8. A kitchen sink caddy that'll give your dish soap and sponges a place to live. It comes with a sliding tray that'll save your countertop from sudsy drips.

    a caddy filled with cleaning supplies next to a sink

    9. A coffee pod drawer so you can finally get those messy Nespresso boxes off of your kitchen counter. It's sturdy enough to stack your coffee machine right on top, keeping everything in one place to make your morning a little easier.

    the coffee pod organizing shelf under a coffee machine

    10. A bestselling cutlery tray that'll keep your utensils exactly where you need them to be. Since each row is stacked, it'll take up less room than a typical tray, which will be handy if you have minimal kitchen space.

    a cutlery tray in a drawer

    11. A collapsible funnel you can use to transfer your sauces, soups, and leftovers into jars and other containers (without making a mess).

    liquid being poured into a glass jar via the funnel

    12. A divided bin that'll help you organize your vitamin bottles, snacks, cooking oils, and other miscellaneous thingamabobs. Reviewers say it's perfect for stashing spice packs and tea, too.

    a stepped bin with snacks inside

    13. A digital thermometer that'll instantly tell you the internal temperature of whatever meat you're cooking. Its probe is teeny-tiny, so you won't lose too much juicy goodness when you use it.

    a person using the thermometer to check meat on a grill

    14. A pair of hanging pocket organizers that'll serve as a simple and inexpensive way to reorganize your pantry. Just hook them over your door, and voilà! Extra storage space.

    two hanging pocket organizers filled with spices and other pantry items

    15. An herb container that'll keep your fresh basil sprigs alive 'n' well until you're ready to use them. Reviewers love how much longer it makes their herbs last and say it definitely saves them from wasting food.

    the herb container filled with fresh herbs

    16. A pair of pan racks that'll save you from stacking your skillets and scratching them. You can also use them to hold your pot lids and cutting boards to keep your kitchen cupboards organized.

    17. A tofu press that'll squeeze the liquid out of your soy, so it's ready to soak up the flavours of your marinade. It'll also improve the the texture, so you'll actually enjoy your plant-based meal.

    a person using the tofu press

    18. A bestselling utensil holder that'll give your ladles and spatulas a designated spot to rest while you cook (and save your counters from getting all saucy). It's made of heat-resistant silicone, so your scalding utensils won't melt it down.

    the utensil holder on a counter with two utensils placed on it

    19. A colander you can clip directly onto your pots and pans, so you can strain your ingredients without transferring them into another vessel.

    a person using the colander to strain noodles

    20. A pack of pre-printed labels that'll give your spice jars an upgrade. You'll get a whopping assortment of 184 spice and herb names, plus eight blank sheets if you need to write up your own.

    a labelled jar of chilli peppers

    21. And finally, a handy mashing tool that'll help you break up ingredients like ground beef, cooked tomatoes, and scrambled eggs. It has smooth edges, so it won't scratch up your nonstick pans.

    a person using the mashing tool to mix vegetables in a pan

    Make Remy proud, y'all.

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