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29 Awkward Things That Happen On Trains

The inevitable perils of riding the rail.

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1. When you get on the train everyone rushes for a seat.


2. You can’t reach to put your luggage on the racks.


This is especially bad if you fall and drop it on someone...

3. You hit people with your bags as you walk to your seat.


4. You're both angry and embarrassed when someone is sitting in your seat...

5. ...or, worse, sleeping in it.

6. Sometimes there’s plenty of other space but someone sits next to you.

7. You feel really unlucky when you get stuck sitting next to someone who smells...

8. ...or has an irritating cough...

9. ...or sits with their legs encroaching on your personal space...

10. ...or insists on making small talk with you.

11. You feel in the way when your allocated seat is one of a table of four, and the other three people are obviously all travelling together.

12. If you sit in a priority seat you spend the entire journey worrying about someone needing it.

13. If there are no seats you end up standing the whole way, trying not to fall over...


...or make awkward bodily contact with anybody.

14. When your ticket is being checked your heart is in your mouth for a few seconds until you get the nod of approval, even though you know the ticket’s fine.


15. You start listening to music and don’t realise for ages that the entire carriage can hear it because your headphones aren’t plugged in properly.


You better hope they like One Direction...

16. If you’re in the window seat you have to ask someone in the aisle to get up to go to the toilet. This becomes worse if they then they fall asleep.

17. You go to the loo and try to open the door before finding out there’s someone in there.

18. If there’s a noisy baby in your carriage you secretly hate their parents for bringing them.


19. Eating crisps quietly becomes a challenge.

20. You unpack your lunch and it fills the carriage with food smells.

21. Spilling a drink can be bad...


...especially if you spill it on someone else.

22. It's pretty embarrassing if someone tells you that you're in their seat.


It's worse if it turns it is your seat and you have to fight for it.

23. Sometimes you stare at someone for just a bit too long, and they see you.

24. You might fall asleep and miss your stop.

25. Or you might wake up to find you've been drooling...

26. ...or to find that you've been sleeping on someone's shoulder.

27. Walking on a moving train inevitably leads to falling.

28. When there are two queues of people trying to leave the train by one door you’re a bit too polite, letting everyone else out first.


This is worse if you need to rush for a connection.

29. When you leave the train you find the gap between the train and the platform just a bit too big.

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