23 Best One Tree Hill Couples

It turns out Tree Hill is pretty incestuous…

23. Nanny Carrie and Nathan

Ok, so these two weren’t technically a couple, but the havoc Carrie wreaked with Nathan’s relationship with Haley was pretty gripping.

22. Lucas and Lindsey

Although these two didn’t end up together, their relationship gave us some pretty great stories, including Jamie being kidnapped at their wedding by Nanny Carrie.

21. Haley and Lucas

So these two never actually got it on… which is just as well because that would have been gross. Still, watching them deal with insinuations and even sharing an awkward kiss was hilarious.

20. Deb and Skills

Such a weird couple. Funny, but weird

19. Karen and Dan

This pair are sort of the Anti-Couple, but they were once an item. Bizarre

18. Rachel and Mouth

Considering she wasn’t in the series all that long, Rachel really made her way (or tried to) round the group. Mouth fell for her big time, though, and it was a little bit heart-breaking to watch his attempts to get her fail.

17. Lauren and Skills

Not the best couple ever, but they were sweet for a bit

16. Brooke and Mouth

Even though they were never together, these two were so couply, and Mouth was so smitten with Brooke, that it would seem rude not to include them.

15. Karen and Andy

We all obviously wanted Karen to end up with Keith, but that was going to be tricky after he died. Andy was the next best thing.

14. Dan and Rachel

Strangest couple ever. But also kinda made for each other…

13. Skills and Bevin

These two were really sweet. Remember when she took him to meet her parents? Awwwww

12. Peyton and Jake

Jake was an awesome teen dad, but he proved Peyton’s theory that people always leave right. Sob

11. Mouth and Millie

These two were so made for each other, it’s unreal.

10. Alex and Chase

He knew her real name. ‘Nuff said

9. Quinn and Clay

Although they weren’t the longest running couple in the series, they still managed to cram a whole lot of drama into the few years we got to see them together. Now they’re probably off somewhere playing happy families with Clay’s son.

8. Dan and Deb

Terrible couple, terrible parents, great to watch

7. Jamie and Madison

Remember the shoelaces? Awww

6. Whitey and Camilla

Bit of a red herring, this one, but Whitey’s eternal love for Camilla was too touching to leave out

5. Karen and Keith

They never got their happy ending. Sad face

4. Lucas and Brooke

Brooke may have lost the giant Brooke vs. Peyton battle for Lucas’ affections, but she did make us love her in the process.

3. Brooke and Julian

After several challenges, these two were endgame, and rightly so. Julian gets extra points for finally giving B. Davis the family she always wanted.

2. Peyton and Lucas

Ah, Leyton. How we missed you when you drove out of town in P. Sawyer’s Comet with little baby Sawyer Scott. Still, we’re happy that after about 3000 episodes you finally ended up together.

1. Nathan and Haley

Who else could be number one in this list but Nathan and Haley? The longest lasting Tree Hill couple, Nathan and Haley certainly had their ups and downs, but they came through it all stronger. Basically, this is what every girl dreams of. Always and Forever

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