10 Harry Potter Couples That Should Have Happened

Imagine how brilliant it would have been if this lot had got together. Scary, but brilliant

1. Harry and Moaning Myrtle

The chemistry is undeniable. Just watch Harry squirm

2. Hermione and Malfoy

Maybe he was so mean to her because he liked her

3. Snape and Rita Skeeter

If he wasn’t in love with Harry’s mum, Snape might have falled for Rita Skeeter’s, um, ‘charms’.

4. Ron and Luna

These two clearly share a love of food.

5. Neville and Ginny

Look at them dancing together. He looks so happy. Awwww

6. Fred/George and Padma/Parvati

This one’s just obvious, frankly.

7. Voldemort and himself

Voldemort clearly loved no one better than himself.

8. Filch and Umbridge

A match made in heaven

9. McGonagall and Trelawney

Maybe McGonagall stood up to Umbridge for Trelawney because she was harbouring a secret crush on her.

10. Dobby and Winky

Dobby really died too soon. He could have had a happy ever after

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