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    Twice And Stray Kids Release Taylor Swift "Me!" Cover, And 5 More K-Pop Stories You Need To Know

    I promise that you'll never find another like Tzuyu! 🎶

    1. Twice's Tzuyu and Stray Kids' Bang Chan covered Taylor Swift's "Me!"

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    TWICE / Via

    Twice's Maknae Tzuyu teamed up with Stray Kids leader Bang Chan to release a bright, lighthearted cover of "Me!" Originally performed by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco, the cover shows off Tzuyu's impressive vocals and charming personality. Its accompanying music video features Tzuyu singing the track while hopping into a limo full of balloons, reading books in an aesthetically pleasing library, and dancing in front of a merry-go-round.

    While Bang Chan is not physically present in the music video, he did share his happy, dance-filled reaction to the video on V Live. "I think it's my first time doing a feature like this," he said. "I'm very thankful toward Tzuyu as well. She created this opportunity for me, so I'm very thankful. And the video turned out very beautiful."

    The collaboration between the two labelmates is part of Twice's ongoing Melody Project, which began in 2016 and allows the members to show off their solo skills. Past covers include Nayeon's rendition of Ariana Grande's "Love Is Everything," Jihyo's performance of Camila Cabello and Grey's "Crown," and Dahyun and Chaeyoung's powerful version of Rain and JYP's "Switch to Me."

    2. You ~must~ listen to 2PM's new single and ~make it~ your new favorite!

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    JYP Entertainment / Via

    After a five-year hiatus, 2PM is back and better than ever with their seventh full-length album, Must!

    Written and composed by member Wooyoung, the album's track "Make It" is a sensual dance track that centers around the idea of an all-encompassing, love at first sight moment between two people. After randomly running into this person, the song's lyrics describe inventive ways to get their attention and ask them out.

    And yes, that includes some extra-smooth pickup lines. 2PM is not throwing away their shot! "Can you look at me for a sec? I didn't mean to, but I saw you, and now I can't stop looking at you," they sing. "Have we met before?" That determination only grows stronger by the song's chorus: "I gotta come up with something so that I can see you a bit more. So that you and I can be 'us' — I gotta make it happen."

    Following in line with its lyrics, the song's music video compares love at first sight with the end of the world. After Wooyoung locks eyes with a girl through a shop window, meteors begin to rain from the sky and strike the nearby plaza. Each of the members experiences their own apocalyptic moment with the video's heroine, ranging from Junho saving her from a destroyed building to the flower shop behind Chansung exploding when he sees her for the first time. In the end, however, the members realize it's just a passing fantasy when Wooyoung blinks again and realizes the girl has passed and the world has returned to normal. Fun, inventive, and seductive, 2PM continues to raise the bar with every performance.

    This week also saw the release of NCT Taeyong's "Swimming Pool," BDC's "Moonlight," Loona's "PTT (Paint the Town)," Victon Han Seung Woo's "See You Again," NCT Dream's "Hello Future," Drippin's "Free Pass," Omega X's "Vamos," Shinee's "Superstar," Twice's "Perfect World," CIX's "Tesseract (Prod. HUI(후이), Minit)," Epik High's "Rain Song (feat. Colde)," Kingdom's "Karma," Alexa's "Xtra," and Dongkiz's "Crazy Night," so be sure to check those out too! 🎶

    3. Woosung told us all about the meaning behind his new single, "Lazy!"

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    Woosung / Via

    After garnering fans around the globe with his striking, strutting solo debut, "Face" in 2019, Woosung is back and celebrating all things lackadaisical with his new atmospheric slow jam, "Lazy." According to Woosung, the inspiration behind the single came from simple origins — his "lazy self being lazy in his cozy room." Who can't relate to that?

    Despite its slow-grooving, feel-good vibe, "Lazy" also describes how Woosung balances his ambitious goals for the future with taking time for himself to relax and take time away from the busy world. "I set goals and want to achieve them, so sometimes I end up overworking myself along the way," he revealed. "When I work, I tend to love to work work work." That fierce ambition and determination to achieve his dreams has a counterbalance though, which he experiences when he finally allows himself time off. "When I am in my lazy time, no one can find me," he said.

    And fans can rejoice, because this song is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to new music from Woosung. He also hinted that they will be able to hear "different styles of music for each song" on his upcoming solo album. "This album to me feels like the ending of a chapter before starting a new one," he said. "The season that fits this album is definitely summer/fall."

    4. SM Entertainment held their yearly congress and unveiled new announcements from NCT, Aespa, and more.

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    SMTOWN / Via

    On June 28, SM Entertainment held their yearly congress and unveiled their goals for the future. Hosted by the company's founder, Lee Soo-man, the hour-long presentation was jam-packed full of amazing new announcements from the company, which you can watch in its entirety above.

    But if you'd prefer the condensed version instead, then we've got you covered. Let's do this!

    * SM Entertainment announced a new, mix-content genre called 'CAWMAN.' An acronym for Cartoon, Animation, Webtoons, Motion Graphics, Avatar, and Novel, the term will be used in the future to describe the SM Culture Universe (SMCU). The genre is spearheaded by their recently debuted girl group Aespa, and it brings together all of the worlds of their artists into a space called the Kwangya. Lee Soo-man also hinted that they have been reached out to by Hollywood executives about a potential film about their culture universe.

    * Aespa revealed that they will go on many adventures with their artificial versions Ae-aespa in the Kwangya and will be releasing "the remaining stories of Season 1" within the year.

    * Doyoung of NCT revealed that NCT 127 will release both a full-length album and a repackage album this year. He also announced a new NCT U combination will be unveiled this year and that the entire group is preparing for an entire NCT 2021 comeback this year.

    * Kun of NCT and WayV announced that WayV will have both unit activities and a full-length album released within the year.

    * Lee Soo-man and NCT also spoke about their upcoming US-based unit NCT Hollywood. As part of a partnership with MGM Studios, the audition program K-Pop Goes Hollywood will feature 21 contestants who will fly to Seoul and receive K-Pop training lessons at SM Entertainment. In addition to their training, the participants will be produced by Lee Soo-man and receive mentorship from NCT's current members. The winners of the audition program will debut under the name NCT Hollywood.

    * NCT 127 will embark on a brand-new expedition together on the second season of the travel show Analog Trip in October. Set on a "cursed island," the members will "learn the true value of friendship" while on their adventures.

    * Kangta of H.O.T. announced SM's Remastering Project, a collaboration with YouTube that aims to improve the quality of more than 300 music videos. In addition to the video quality, the audio quality of the songs will also be upgraded. To show the remastering process, Kangta unveiled a special music video for H.O.T.'s 25th anniversary of their track "Free to Fly," featuring NCT's Sungchan and Aespa's Winter.

    * Max of TVXQ revealed SM Classics, a new classical label that will release its own material as well as create thrilling classical renditions of SM's most popular songs.

    5. Blackpink's Rosé gave a soulful performance of John Mayer's single "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room!"

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    바라던 바다 / Via

    Rosé showed off her vocal talents while on an episode of the South Korean program 바라던 바다 (lit. Sea of Hopes) by performing a sweet, healing rendition of John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room."

    With her soft, lilting vocals, Rosé impressed her fellow castmates, including Shinee's Onew, AKMU's Su-hyun, MeloMance's Jeong Dong-hwan, Zai.Ro, Yoon Jong-shin, as well as prominent actors Kim Go-eun, Lee Ji-ah, and Lee Dong-wook.

    But it wasn't just the cast and fans who were impressed by her performance! John Mayer also shared his reaction to Rosé's cover on Twitter, posting it online and writing, "This is gorgeous."

    6. And Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Loona, Stray Kids, and more announced that new music is on the way!

    TAEYEON 태연 Single [Weekend] 🎧 2021.07.06. 6PM KST #태연 #TAEYEON #Weekend #소녀시대 #GirlsGeneration

    @GirlsGeneration / Via Twitter: @GirlsGeneration

    * Taeyeon of Girls' Generation dropped some dreamy, bubblegum-pink concept photos ahead of the release of her single, "Weekend," on July 6.

    * JYP Entertainment confirmed to Newsen that Stray Kids is "preparing a new album" but did not reveal a release date.

    * In a special clip released this week, Loona revealed that they will make their Japanese debut in September.

    * Ahead of the release of their physical CD single Butter, BTS released the single's tracklist and four sets of summery concept photos this week to get fans excited!

    * D.O. of Exo unveiled the first whimsical concept photo for his upcoming solo debut, 공감 (lit. Empathy), which will be released on July 26.

    That's it for this week! Have a lovely weekend, and be sure to catch up on last week's news if you missed it! ✨