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    TWICE Talk New Album "MORE & MORE" And How They're Evolving With Their Fans

    "We are evolving with our fans and the world too."

    You can't think of K-Pop music without thinking about TWICE.

    We caught up with TWICE to discuss MORE & MORE, the meaning behind each song on the record, and how they're growing up with their fans.

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    Ready to find out ~more and more~ about TWICE? Let's go!

    1. What did it mean for you to hold your ninth comeback with the single “MORE & MORE”?

    2. What were your first thoughts when you heard “MORE & MORE” for the first time?

    3. What is your favorite song on MORE & MORE?

    4. At the TWICE: Seize the Light press conference, Tzuyu mentioned that the group wanted to show a more mature side of TWICE in your next comeback. How did you work to balance the cute, bubbly energy TWICE is known for while still continuing to evolve as artists and individuals with this new album?

    5. To me, “MORE & MORE” feels like a continuation of the storyline of "Feel Special" — a love story that, even as it matures, still retains its magic and trust. As you head into your fifth year together as TWICE, how have your relationships evolved with ONCE and with each other?

    6. The song "OXYGEN" describes looking out at the sky and feeling comforted by the shining stars. What is something that always brings you comfort, and what is it like to be a source of comfort for fans?

    7. “SHADOW” describes the fear of showing this dark side of yourself — one that battles with insecurities, fears, and anxiety — with the rest of the world. How have you learned to embrace your individual shadows?

    8. I know Nayeon wrote the lyrics for “MAKE ME GO!” What inspired you to write this song?

    9. I’ve seen online that a lot of fans say this song is similar in feeling to “LOVE FOOLISH”, which was written by Momo! What do you think of the comparison?

    10. "FIREWORK" is TWICE's first Latin pop song. What about the genre inspired you, and are there any genres that TWICE has yet to explore that you want to try next?

    11. “DON’T CALL ME AGAIN” is such a strong, female-power anthem! Who are the women in your lives that inspire you?

    12. Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung both worked together to write the song “SWEET SUMMER DAY"! How did you two come together to write this song?

    TWICE's new album, MORE & MORE, is available now!

    This interview has been edited for clarity and length.