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    BTS Performs On James Corden's Homefest From South Korea And 6 More K-Pop Headlines You Need To Read ASAP

    I'm either dancing to "Jopping" or crying to "Let's Love," there's no in between!

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    1. SuperM is guest-starring on an episode of Nickelodeon's All That!

    Who’s our #1 fan?🤘 Catch us on #AllThat this Saturday at 8:30p ET on @Nickelodeon! #SuperM #WeAreTheFuture #SuperMtheFuture #Jopping #SuperM_Jopping #AllThat #Nickelodeon

    @superm / Via Twitter: @superm

    The episode premieres on Saturday, April 4 at 8:30 pm EST and features SuperM making their group acting debut in a sketch cameo and performing their ~electric~ song, "Jopping."

    We can't wait to see what shenanigans they get up to on the show and, most importantly, see them jump, pop, *and* jop!

    2. Exo's Suho released his solo album, Self-Portrait, on Monday.

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    SM Entertainment / Via

    Despite collaborating on multiple songs in the past, including the incredible single "Dinner," Self-Portrait is Suho's first mini-album as a solo artist. Congratulations to Suho on his solo debut! ✨

    The six-track mini-album is full of ~dreamy, heart-fluttering~ songs and includes the title track "Let's Love." The song's title, "Let's Love," is something that Suho has said often throughout Exo's eight-year career, which makes the song even more poignant for fans of the group!

    Suho honestly spoke about Self-Portrait, his perception of fame, and his desire to be an artist that is remembered in a thought-provoking interview with children for the YouTube channel ODG that is a must-watch as well!

    3. BTS, Song Heungmin, and Bong Joon-ho joined in to cheer on nurses, doctors, and the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

    #BTS’ special message for those who are battling COVID-19 all over the world! #Stay_Strong_World #COVID19

    @arirangworld / Via Twitter: @arirangworld

    Using the hashtag #Stay_Strong_World, Arirang World has encouraged people to send inspiring, supportive messages to uplift the spirits of others as the world battles the coronavirus. Among them, BTS, Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min, and Oscar award-winning director Bong Joon-ho have also joined in to share their support!

    BTS also participated in James Corden's HomeFest this week and spoke about the importance of social distancing and gave a message for their fans.

    "During a time when social distancing is crucial, we are so grateful with the internet to see you from here," leader RM said. "It may seem like we're isolated, but we're still connected with our shared experiences, courage, and laughter."

    They also performed their single "Boy With Luv," which you can watch here! 💜

    4. Road to Kingdom has released its first set of teasers.

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    Mnet / Via

    Ahead of Road to Kingdom's first episode, a new teaser and a batch of intense performances were released this week to get fans excited for the new reality competition show!

    The groups participating in the program — Pentagon, Oneus, TOO, Golden Child, ONF, Verivery, and The Boyz — also released their own high-energy dance performances that prove they're talented groups that shouldn't be slept on.

    The first episode of Road to Kingdom airs on April 30 and we can't wait to cheer on these talented groups!

    5. NCT 127 announced daily livestreams to communicate with fans and encourage them to stay healthy using the hashtag #StayWith127.

    6. Woo Ji-yoon announced her departure from indie-pop duo Bol4.

    Chung Sung-jun / Getty Images

    Ahn Ji-young will continue on as a soloist, but still under the name Bol4. (BRB, listening to their entire discography right now and shedding a few tears.) Despite not being the typical K-pop group, Bol4 has achieved a ton of mainstream success and accolades, so I'm happy their name still lives on in some capacity!

    You can find the official statement on Bol4's Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as translated versions of the announcement and Woo Ji-yoon's personal letter on Soompi.

    7. GOT7 is confirmed to be making a spring comeback!

    Anthony Kwan / Getty Images

    IGOT7, rejoice! JYP Entertainment has confirmed that GOT7 is preparing for a spring comeback!

    According to Soompi, a source for the entertainment company stated "GOT7 is preparing for their comeback. The exact schedule will be announced once it is finalized."

    It's been five months since GOT7's last comeback with the single "You Calling My Name." While we all patiently wait for more music, you can catch GOT7's Jinyoung in the K-drama When My Love Blooms when its first episode airs on April 18 and listen to Jackson's new single "100 Ways!"

    And that's it! We're wishing you all a safe, happy, and enjoyable weekend!