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    BTS's V Releases "Sweet Night" And 5 K-Pop Headlines You Need To Read ASAP

    We don't want to be just ships in the night, V!

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    1. BFFs and former Wanna One members Kang Daniel and Ong Seong-wu both announced new albums that will be released March 24.

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    Although he has released incredible singles like "Heart Sign," Ong Seong-wu's new album, Layers, will be his first since the disbandment of the Produce 101 supergroup Wanna One in 2019.

    Kang Daniel's Cyan will be his first official mini album, too! It follows his 2019 debut release, Color on Me, which broke the record for the highest first-day and first-week sales for a solo artist in the history of Korea's Hanteo Chart.

    We are extremely excited for both releases and have our fingers crossed for lots of cute interaction between the two throughout their album promotions!

    2. Pledis Entertainment's CEO Han Sung Soo announced that he will no longer produce Iz*One's music starting next month.

    Chung Sung-jun / Getty Images

    Han announced via Instagram on Monday that he would be stepping down as Iz*One's producer after having worked with the group since before their official debut.

    "After working as a general producer for the group Iz*One since their debut for a total of three albums, I am stepping down from this position as of April 2020," Han stated, according to Soompi. "From afar, I will watch Iz*One and Wiz*One [the group's fans] go to even higher places together with a happy heart, and I will always cheer them on in their pursuit of further growth and a wider sphere."

    Iz*One will now be comanaged by Off the Record and by Swing Entertainment, which has managed previous Produce 101 groups like I.O.I, Wanna One, and X1 in the past.

    3. BTS's V released a bittersweet OST for the popular K-drama Itaewon Class today.

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    Vlending / JTBC / Via

    "Sweet Night" is a yearning, acoustic indie pop song that is a perfect fit for all of the heartaching scenes in Itaewon Class! 😭In addition to singing entirely in English, V also helped produce the song as well — we stan a talented singer, producer, and polyglot! 👏

    This is V's second OST track after nearly four years. His first one was his 2016 duet with fellow BTS member Jin, called "It's Definitely You," for the K-drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, which V actually starred in! ✨

    4. Loona received their first music show win ever with "So What," a certified bop.

    [ENG SUB] 200312 M Countdown Acceptance speech for #loona1stwin #Sowhat1stwin #이달의소녀 #LOONA @loonatheworld

    @orrery_nim / Via Twitter: @orrery_nim

    Two years after their debut, Loona have received their first win on the Korean music program M Countdown with their single "So What."

    As tears flowed, member Yves thanked the group's fans, Orbits; their company, Blockberry Creative; Loona's parents and family; and member Haseul, who was unable to appear on their new album.

    "While preparing for our album for the last year, we had a lot of fears," Yves revealed. "But with winning this award, just like our song's message, I think we can move forward without fearing changes."

    Congratulations, Loona! You deserve it! 🎉

    5. Itzy returned with a fierce anthem called "Wannabe" and made us all feel ~bad~, but in the best way possible.

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    JYP Entertainment / Via

    And that's just the tip of the ~icy~ Itzy iceberg; "Wannabe" is the title track of their album (their choreography is addictive, as usual) It'z Me, which includes six other new bops that'll make you feel like you're living your best, empowered EDM festival life.

    Need more Itzy? Check out the "Who's Who" video they filmed with BuzzFeed!

    6. All four members of BigBang have re-signed with YG Entertainment.

    Lee Young-ho / Sipa USA via AP Images

    On March 11, YG Entertainment confirmed that the members of the iconic, veteran K-pop group BigBang have all re-signed their contracts with the company.

    According to Soompi, YG Entertainment stated that BigBang has "changed the course of Korean pop culture," and the company will “continue to support BigBang so that they can continue to make K-pop history as a representative group of our label.”

    BigBang, whose members have now completed their mandatory military enlistment service, were set to reunite for the first time at Coachella next month but will instead perform in October because the festival was postponed as a result of the novel coronavirus outbreak.