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If You Know At Least 8 Of These Terms, Then You're Definitely A K-Pop Stan

Who's your ~ultimate bias~?

  1. What's a bias?


    Your favorite member in a group!

    For example, if you love Suga from BTS, then he's your bias in BTS. You can have a whole list of biases in each of the groups you listen to, thus creating a ~bias list~.

    Via Big Hit Entertainment
  2. What's an ultimate bias?


    The one you love the most!

    You can have a ton of biases on your bias list, but generally only one ultimate bias. An ultimate bias is the idol that you love most of all. For example, you could stan Suga from BTS and Taeyeon from Girls' Generation, but Chuu from LOONA is your ultimate bias meaning she's your utmost favorite!

    Via Blockberry Creative
  3. What's a comeback?


    The release of new music!

    If a K-Pop group is preparing for their next comeback, it means that they plan on releasing new music soon, aka it's time to get excited!

    Via Cube Entertainment
  4. What's aegyo?


    Cute actions!

    Aegyo (애교) is cute, often exaggerated displays of affection typically performed to warm the hearts of others! You don't need to be a K-Pop idol to use aegyo, but both male and female K-Pop idols use it often and especially when communicating with fans.

    Via MBC Every1
  5. What's a maknae?


    The youngest member!

    Maknae (막내) literally means the last born member of the family. In K-Pop groups, the maknae is the youngest member of the group and typically treated as the baby. For example, Lisa is the youngest member of Blackpink, so she is the maknae.

    Via YG Entertainment
  6. What's a fan chant?


    Lyrics for fans to support their group!

    With every new ~comeback~, a group's entertainment company will typically release a fan chant for fans to shout when attending the group's performances to show their support. Some K-Pop groups, like Seventeen, even create videos to teach their fans the chant. If an artist is very popular, their fan chants can be especially loud!

    Via Seventeen / YouTube
  7. What's a light stick?


    A light that fans can buy to show support during a group's performance

    Each K-Pop group has their own distinctive light stick that fans can purchase and bring to performances to show their support. In Korean, light sticks are called "Ungwonbongs" (응원봉), so if you ever see certain lightsticks called a "bong" (like Twice's Candybong and EXO's Eribong) that's why!

    Via KBS 2TV
  8. What's a selca?


    A selfie!

    Selka (셀카) literally comes from the transliteration of the English words "self" (셀프) and "camera" (카메라)! Selfie and selka are interchangeable, and fans see K-Pop groups post them often online (like Sana of Twice)!

    Via @twicetagram /
  9. What's a sub-unit?


    A K-Pop group composed of members from the same group!

    For example, NCT is a K-Pop group, but they have multiple units like NCT 127. They're all a part of the larger group NCT, but have different stylings and combinations of members.

    Via SM Entertainment
  10. What's a bias wrecker?


    Another member in a group that you think is attractive but isn't your bias!

    For example, you've selected Hwasa as your bias in Mamamoo, but you can't stop staring at Moonbyul with heart eyes when the group is performing. In that case Moonbyul is your bias wrecker, because she's wrecking your bias list!

    Via RBW

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