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Fat Loss Plans That Should Work For You

A lot of articles on fat loss plans suggest that weight loss does not depend on the type of diet you are in. The key element to achieve fat loss is energy restriction. Whether you are on a vegetarian diet, Atkins diet, a low-fat, low carb diet or any kind of diet for that matter, you will only lose extra pounds if the energy restriction component is enough to create a caloric deficit at the end of the day. The one that works and provides long term result is the best diet plan. It should be one that resonates with your personal choices and values towards food.

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Fat Loss Plans That Should Work For You

Dr. Malik S. Vasanti from Harvard School of Public Health said, "Currently, there is no conclusive evidence that one popular diet is superior to another in long-term weight control. Clearly, one diet does not fit all. Thus, when prescribing such diets to patients, it is important to consider cultural habits and food preference to maximize long-term adherence" click here to continue reading full this article.

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