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What Does Your Favorite Color Say About You?

Pizza is a color, right?

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Some of us have had the same favorite color since we can remember, some of us change our favorite color as often as we change our clothes, and some of us don't seem to have a favorite color at all. Whatever type you are, the colors that you favor can actually say a lot about your personality, values, and preferences! Let's see what your favorite colors say about you.

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If your favorite color is red, you are a very energetic and passionate person; you can be daring and often you subconsciously seek out dangerous situations. You also have a flare for romance and style, which stems from your passionate side. One thing you may need to be careful of is your sense of urgency and over-excitement. You are definitely never boring, but in some situations people may consider you pushy or over-bearing. Oh yeah, and did we mention you REALLY love sex? S&M by Rihanna is probably your jam.


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As an off-shoot of Red, Orange lovers can share many of the same qualities, but one common difference is that you are likely far less intense. There's no doubt that you are an extrovert and very assertive, but you are not as aggressive as your red counterparts can be. If you love orange, you are usually the life of the party, and often labeled as the "talkative" one. You live your life based on gut reactions, and though you can find it difficult to commit, it's much better than settling!


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If your favorite color is yellow, you can probably guess some of the more obvious traits you have and value, such as joy, friendliness, and warmth. If you enjoy yellow you likely enjoy the company of others, and to many of your friends you are the “positive” one who always enters the room with a smile. Though you give off a bright aura, you can also be shy and cautious when it comes to new situations. Try to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, and keep that positive attitude!

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If your favorite color is green there are one of two things you most likely value highly: money or nature. You may value both, but many times people fall on one end or another of this spectrum. Similarities between the two sides are that both personalities value growth, safety, and a meaningful life. The “nature” greens tends to value relaxation and healing more than the “money” greens do. If you are on the “nature” end, make sure you are not too absent-minded and try to focus on yourself and your own personal success as much as you focus on others. If you are on the “money” end, you likely need to take some notes from the “nature” lovers and stop to smell the flowers once in a while.

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If your favorite color is blue, you are most likely a calm, tranquil person. You think before you speak, and because of this people take your words very seriously. You are often labeled a great listener, and friends seek advice from you often. Though you may lack it at times, you value confidence in others and aim to increase your own. You also tend to value stability, especially in work or in relationships. In a relationship it is best for you to find someone who is honest, even-tempered, and affectionate, because these are attributes you will need in order to stay happy with someone.

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If your favorite color is purple, you value one of two things highly: spirituality or luxury. Purple has been associated with royalty for centuries, and for good reasons. Those who enjoy purple are often passionate, dignified, wise, and possess vision. Usually those on the spiritual end are interested in the occult and learning about other-worldly things as well. Whether it’s money or a higher consciousness, you aim high and have great ambitions.


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If White is your favorite color, likelihood is it hasn't always been. We often choose white when we are going through a transitional period in life, white usually signifies new beginnings and an optimistic look into the future. If you enjoy white you value cleanliness, poise, and well-balanced relationships. Nobody will ever have a chance to "use" you, because you can sense it before they get the chance. You tend to hide your flaws well, but remember there are plenty of people in your life who will love you regardless!


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If your favorite color is pink you are likely a very romantic and passionate person. Since pink is another off-shoot of red, they too share a lot of the same qualities. Those who love pink are usually more bubbly and light-hearted than reds, and you value love, friendship, and faithfulness. You can also be very sensitive, so your best match is with other color personalities such as blue or yellow who can understand you. You love to nurture, but also need nurturing in return for a relationship to last.

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If your favorite color is black, it probably doesn’t mean what you usually hear. Though black is often symbolically associated with death, sadness, and things like "dark magic," those are only cultural associations that don’t say much about the personality of the color black itself. If you like black, you likely value power and sophistication. People look up to you in most instances, and you are likely known for your wisdom. You are independent and will find your best counterpart in someone else who is just as strong-willed as you are. You may bump heads, but overall you will understand each other better than those who may find you intimidating.

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