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Valentine's Day As Told By Cara Delevingne

ALLLLLL the single ladies!

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It's Valentine's Day, you're single, and you start to wonder what you're doing with your life.

elito1024 / Via Tumblr

You think, maybe I should put myself together for once and go find a date.

hidarcy / Via Tumblr

This will have to do.

hidarcy / Via Tumblr

You put your best sexy foot forward....

diamondxdog / Via Tumblr

Damnit, almost had it.

But all of your prospects are taken, and you're back to square one.

newpalvin / Via Tumblr

And then.... you realize something....

diamondxdog / Via Tumblr

Spending time with your girlfriends is WAY better than any cheesy, overcrowded Valentine's dinner date.

strawberrylicorice / Via Tumblr

Way better.

diamondxdog / Via Tumblr

Date, who? Valentine, what?

beautifulmoda / Via Tumblr

This time, you're getting ready for a GIRLS night out.

caaaarara / Via Tumblr

Because those are literally the best.

Victoria's Secret / Via Tumblr

Valentine's day? Is it even still February? Don't care.

You finally realize, Valentine's date or not, you are a confident, badass, beautiful, warrior princess.

caraaara / Via Tumblr

Anyone would be lucky to have you.

istolehaven / Via Tumblr

But, NEWSFLASH, you don't even care anymore.

caaaarara / Via Tumblr

Date me, hate me, WUTEVA.

diamondxdog / Via Tumblr
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