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9 Hogwarts Inspired Inventions That Actually Exist

One butter beer, please!

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1. Moving Pictures

kaiolot / Via tumblr

Okay so we've all seen this at some point, whether it's a moving billboard or digital frame, but these were basically non-existent when Harry Potter was first released! While we don't have moving newspapers yet, Japan is taking it up a notch, because they are Japan and they win at technology.

2. Independent Kitchen Supplies

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Kuru-Kuru Nabe / Via YouTube

Remember when the Weasley's kitchen just cleaned itself and you were like, "yes, this is my dream." Well, Japan has done it again, inventing this self-stirring pot!

8. This Real Life Wizard Chess Match

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Samru Buzz / Via YouTube

9. And finally, YOU CAN ATTEND HOGWARTS! / Via Google

AMBER ALERT: Starting this Spring in Poland you can actually attend Hogwarts thanks to a redesigned Polish castle where your lodging & food is all included in the price. Sign me up!

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