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    41 Kardashian GIF Reactions For Every Situation


    1. For when you're not afraid to hide your feelings.

    2. For when you just need a hand hug.

    3. For when you're pregnant... and fabulous.

    4. For when you're being philosophical.

    5. For when you realllllyyy don't want to be at this family dinner.

    6. For when you're a hood bitch.

    7. For when you have a song stuck in your head.

    8. For when you're tired.

    9. For when someone is just totally fucking rude.

    10. For when you want to look slutty, because why not?

    11. For when you know how cool you are.

    12. For when you're gettin' your groove on.

    13. For when it's out of your hands.

    14. For when you're dealing with a breakup.

    15. For when you're feeling generous with your sweets.

    16. For when you go to a big city for the first time.

    17. For when people doubt your Instagram abilities.

    18. For when you're just speaking facts.

    19. For when you really need to send that text.

    20. For when you're just being real.

    21. For when you're making observations about guys.

    22. For when you need to put people in their place.

    23. For when it's time for a jam sesh.

    24. For when you just need to say "holy shitballs."

    25. For when you're describing your best friend.

    26. For when you're just being honest.

    27. For when... FOOD.

    28. For when you know you look good.

    29. For when nothing that important is going on.

    30. For when you know you've upgraded.

    31. For when you need to call out a bug-a-boo.

    32. For when someone asks what you brought to the party.

    33. For when, WTF?

    34. For when you're just bein kute.

    35. For when you're silently judging.

    36. For when you can't even.

    37. For pretty much wherever you go.

    38. For when you're forced to socialize with your nemesis.

    39. For when you're being passive-aggressive

    40. For when you finally come to terms with your childhood.

    41. And of course, for when everyone forgets that you are royalty.

    Keep it up, Kardashians!