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    21 Struggles Everyone Without A Filter Has Experienced

    "She's really awesome, you just have to get used to her..."

    So you know it, everybody knows it, you are THAT friend.

    Vogue / Via Google

    The friend who the rest of your friends have to explain before they introduce you to new people.

    Charlie Brown / Via Google

    "She's really awesome, you just have to get used to her sense of humor....."

    If you're one of those people who was just born filterless, you know the struggle is REAL.

    But don't worry, it's a struggle that you are NOT going through alone. So what is a day in the life of the Unfiltered like? We'll tell you.

    1. First and foremost, you are never afraid to speak up.


    2. Because it's your god given right, and who's gonna stop you?


    3. You know the consequences of bottled up emotions, and that ain't for you.


    4. So, yep, that means if you're sad/mad/angry/stressed the world will know.

    Comedy Central

    5. You're often labeled as judgmental.


    6. Sometimes you try to mask your judgement with these beautiful two words...


    7. But usually you just don't care.


    8. You get way too excited when someone else thinks you're as great as you do.


    9. And most of your friends literally have to fight for their time in the spotlight when you're around.



    10. But you can't help that you're born to shine.


    11. On the other hand, your friends do love your ability to throw shade so that they don't have to.


    12. Which is fine with you. You don't understand what's so hard about being blunt.


    13. It's basically second nature to you.


    14. You're almost always the life of the party.

    Gold Circle Films

    15. You're also very confident, and if anyone tries to make you feel otherwise they'll get an earful.


    16. Really, just don't even try it.

    17. Unfortunately, with all this confidence comes the assumption that you have your shit together.

    Warner Bros.

    18. And though you may be one of the lucky few, usually you're just as lost in life as the rest of us.


    19. Only difference is, you own every single thing about yourself; the good, the bad, and everything in between.

    And people envy that.

    20. And if people can't handle you? You get it, but you don't care.


    21. That's their problem anyways.

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