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15 Times Jennifer Lawrence Reminded Us Why We Love Her

"You should start exercising your vagina."

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1. When she told us her workout routine

Oh Mellark / Via Google

2. When she gave us a behind the scenes look at the special effects in the #HungerGames

Tumblr / Via Google

3. When she kept it real about flying first class

Heck Yes Lawrence / Via Google

4. And kept it even more real about her acting abilities

DoodlesDudette / Via Tumblr

Really? Maybe I should start auditioning for roles...

5. When she made this adorable entrance on #JimmyFallon

Jennifer Lawrence Daily / Via Google

6. When she was the MGM Lion

Ultimaate / Via Tumblr

7. When she asked the important questions

Knotty Celebs / Via Google

8. And said what we were all thinking (okay maybe not, but now we are)


9. When she face-palmed Emma Watson

Teen Vogue / Via Tumblr

and Emma took it like a champ, might I add

10. When she said "cakeballs" ...with this face

Tumblr / Via Google

11. When someone called her Jesse

Jennifer Lawrence Daily / Via Tumblr

12. When #JoshHutcherson tried to tell her how to act

Tumblr / Via Google

13. When she revealed her love for Honey Boo Boo

Tumblr / Via Google

We would have hit that family too, Jen.

14. When she (again) asked the important questions

Goofxckyourself / Via Tumblr

15. And of course...

Tumblr / Via Google

Keep it up JLaw, we've got nothing but love for you.

Stayinstantlyradiant / Via Tumblr

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