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    21 Movies That Make Me Fall In Love With Life All Over Again

    It's a really, really specific feeling, and most rom-coms don't cut it.

    Important to note, many of these aren't actually about being in love at all. That's part of it.

    21. Devil Wears Prada

    20th Century Fox Film Corp / Everett

    It absolutely doesn't make sense or fit in with the rest of the movies on this list, but it has to be here because it does. It's the confidence and the finding yourself, for me, just delete the final "making-up-with-Nate" scene.

    20. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

    Focus Features / courtesy Everett Collection

    It's a classic.

    19. Little Women (2019)

    Columbia Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    It's a different kind of love! But also!

    18. Before We Go

    Why is it that any one decision always seems too small to be the biggest decision of your life?
    Wonderland Sound and Vision

    This one hurts a little bit too!!

    17. But, I'm a Cheerleader

    The Kushner-Locke Company


    16. Miss Americana

    Courtesy of Netflix

    It just makes sense, okay?

    15. Like, Crazy

    Paramount Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    This one is only in the bottom half because half of the movie just feels like you're being stabbed in the heart over and over again. And not in a fun way.

    14. Always Be My Maybe

    Ed Araquel / Netflix, Sheryl_nields

    I love watching people realize the world brought them back together!

    13. Luca


    It's not about love, but it feels like falling in love with life. Sorry to be cheesy.

    12. The Photograph

    Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    It took me so many different places, and I loved it.

    11. 10 Things I Hate About You

    Touchstone Pictures / Everett Collection

    Give me a paintball date, or I don't want it.

    10. The Half of It

    Netflix / KC Bailey

    Need I say more?

    9. Bend It Like Beckham

    20th Century Fox Film Corp.

    1. This movie is about so much more than falling in love. 2. Maybe she's falling in love with soccer. 3. The club scene. 4. You know who was actually falling in love here...

    8. Love, Rosie

    ©Lionsgate / courtesy Everett Collection

    The slowest slow burn ever.

    7. August Rush

    ©Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

    Same guy as Bend It Like Beckham... need I say more? The music is just absolutely perfect.

    6. You've Got Mail

    Warner Brothers / courtesy Everett Collection

    Enemies to lovers.

    5. La La Land

    ©Summit Entertainment / courtesy Everett Collection

    It hurts and that's how you know it was something worth loving... or something like that.

    4. Crazy Rich Asians

    Warner Bros. Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

    I watch the wedding scene just to feel something sometimes. It is everything to me.

    3. Definitely, Maybe

    andy schwartz/© Universal / courtesy Everett Collection

    Who are we falling in love with? Uncertain, but it's definitely in the air.

    2. When Harry Met Sally

    Columbia Pictures/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

    Honestly, 10/10 slow burn. Doesn't get better than this.

    1. Someone Great

    Sarah Shatz / Netflix

    This one hurts a LOT, though. Be prepared, you may not leave this one feeling great. There are so many love stories, though. Love your friends, love yourself, and love your old loves, even if they run their course.

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