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10 Signs You're Flying In The Future

Remember when the addition of music players to the handrest was a big deal? Ha!

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2. Or if you're flying with someone you know (or trying to make friends in the air), pocket projectors are now a thing.

With DLP Pico Smartphone Projectors, you can actually project videos from your phone on the back of the seat of the person in front of you. (Or all over the plane, if you're feeling like a jerk.)

4. Because personal flight is now a legitimate hobby.

Though he's not a superhero (he totally is, but like shhh... secret identity), French pilot Yves Rossy uses a four-engine carbon-Kevlar jetwing to literally fly. Human flight! HUMAN FLIGHT!

6. Because, "Honey, can you move your car? You're blocking my plane" is something you may find yourself saying pretty soon.

STAN HONDA / AFP / Getty Images

You can now park planes in your garage. You know, like next to your sedan. Terrafugia's Jetsons-worthy invention can turn from a car to a plane and vice versa in 60 seconds or less!

7. Because now you can stick solar pads to the window (unless you have an aisle seat... don't be "that guy").

If you're running low on battery for one (or all) of your many devices, just lift up the window shade stick on of these XD Solar panels for instant tech juice!

9. Because there are crazy green-light goggles that trick your body out of jet lag.

First of all, anything that lights up green on your face is definitely from the future. Re-Timer invented these spacey specs that adjust your circadian rhythm so that traveling between timezones doesn't mess with your schedule.

10. Because you don't have to stress out about our missing luggage anymore!

The Trakdot website talks about "patented mirco-electronics" and "ground-based cellular telephone technologies," but in layman's terms, this nifty device pretty much tells you when your luggage is close using a GPS, which means you can be getting coffee while all the non-future people stress out about their suitcases.