17 Stunning Natural Wonders You Didn’t Know Existed

Break out your bucket list, it’s time to add a few more items. Check out these amazing sights from around the world and book your trip with Emirates for the ultimate flying experience.

2. Hitachinaka - Japan

JUNKO TAKAHASHI/a.collectionRF / Getty

3. The Richat Structure - Mauritania

4. Namib National Park - Namibia

5. Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls - Iceland

6. Mount Fitz Roy - Argentina

7. Dragon’s Blood Trees - Yemen

8. Thermal Springs of Pamukkale - Turkey

9. The rice fields of Yunnan - China

10. The Salt Flats of Uyuni - Bolivia

Anna Serdyuk / Via gettyimages.com

11. The Flower fields of Namaqualand - South Africa

12. Sam Pan Bok - Thailand

13. Yamdrok Lake - Tibet

14. Ik-Kil Cenote near Chichen Itza - Mexico

15. Lavender Fields of Provence - France

http://J.G. Damlow / Getty

16. Waikato's Bridal Veil Falls - New Zealand

17. Mustard Fields - China

Katie Garrod / Getty

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