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10 Engineering Feats That Could Change Everything

From 3D computers that can print body parts to in-flight Shower Spas on two-story aircrafts, we are already living in the future. If you want to fly like you're in the future, Emirates' A380s will take you there. Keep reading to see what other amazing innovations will be changing our world.

1. The "skin cell gun" could quickly and easily heal severe, disfiguring burns.

2. De-extinction could roll back climate change.

3. 3D printers can now manufacture tiny synthetic body parts.

4. Lab-grown, cruelty-free meat could end world hunger.

5. Synthetic shark skin could radically curb bacterial infection.

6. Cars no longer need drivers.

7. The Hyperloop could revolutionize ground travel.

8. Self-aware robots already exist. So... think about that. (Before they do.)

9. Advances in laser technology could allow us to change the weather.

10. Researchers have implanted false memories in mice.