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What Sorority Recruitment Is Like When You're An Introvert

"I'm kinda nervous!" Girl... you have no idea. Really. No idea.

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When People First Start Encouraging You To Try It

I already have a whole two friends, Mom, God.

"You Will Be Attending Four Parties A Day..."

And I go to a small school. Four parties a day. Four.

Trying To Walk In Heels On Formal Days

You just have no experience with them. There's no dress code for hibernating in your dorm room.

You're Not Used To Acting A Certain Way

I have to smile for four hours straight? At every single person? I've already met, like, five new people and I've only been here for seven minutes.

Talking About Yourself Is Rough

"What year are you? Where are you from? What's your major? What do you want to do after graduation? What activities are you involved in on campus? Why are you interested in Greek Life?"

Over and over again.

The Dreaded "Do You Have Any Questions?"

Because you're expected to. It's a requirement.

When You Try To Jump In During A Group Conversation

It seemed like a good idea... sort of adventurous, right? However, you forgot you have no idea how to talk in front of multiple people. What are sentences? What are words?

When You Finally Have An Actual Conversation With A Member

Rush home to tell your roommate, call your mom, FaceTime your best friend in California...

When You Get Home Each Night, You Crash

It is honestly the most draining experience ever. So much conversation...

Realizing That You Actually Like A Group But They Could Cut You At Any Time

I'm not ready for this kind of rejection. Netflix hasn't prepared me for this.

When A Sorority Girl Is Talking To You And Someone Much More Outgoing

Could you not be so damn bubbly? I'm trying to use my awkward charm to trick them into thinking I belong.

When One Of The Girls Remembers Your Name

It's honestly the best

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