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90's Slang That Should Never, Ever Go Away

Basically all of them.

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Because the L and R are just too much work

All That And A Bag Of Chips

Because how else am I supposed to describe my butterfly hair clips?

Bangin' or Slammin'

"You look bangin' in that dress," is the best compliment I can imagine getting


Nothing makes jewelry sound quite so elegant and classy as this phrase

I am dripping of sarcasm

The Bomb

Sure, we made a bit of a comeback with "the" half a decade ago, but this phrase is getting sparser and I'm feeling like every cool thing is less explosive


Because it's the loudest and easiest way to sort out the boys you don't want to date


The most wonderful, and happiest sounding, synonym for leaving ever


Just because


I still use "dank" to describe cool things, and I'd appreciate feeling less alone in this??


The best way to tell if someone listens to rap music or is trying to give the impression that they're cool enough to do so (either way - stay away)


This one is for you Beavis and Butthead fanatics


Almost this whole list is just WAY BETTER ways to say "cool," "awesome" or "nice."

Gettin' Jiggy

Do I even need to explain?


This is actually my favorite word, and if you use it, I would like us to be friends

Off The Heasy

Because "off the hook" is so over


Raven Baxter's catchphrase will live on forever. Nothing can describe how you feel in an "oh snap" moment other than the phrase "oh snap"


Because I was still using it eight years after it ended, and I'd like to no longer be a laughing stock for it


Yes, salty is back now, but not to it's full potential. For example, my brother, full-swing 90's teenager, used to use the phrase, "Oooh, back up the salt truck!" and I would love for that to happen everyday of my life


Offensive, distasteful, and way better than just nudging your friend in the ribs with your elbow and eye-gesturing wildly toward an attractive bystander


A fake gangster. Something that would be wildly useful in a community like mine


Because "I agree" is too proper and not vague enough

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