16 Realities Of Working On Your School Newspaper

You will truly understand if you were on newspaper.

1. You definitely thought you were the new Harriet the Spy

2. There were a few times that you thought you might be the new gossip girl

Especially when you discovered they were both played by Michelle Trachtenberg. WHAT?! She’s so sneaky..

3. You always wanted to get the movie review so could go to the movies with your friends FOR FREE

4. You only wanted to interview your friends

5. There were always those people who begged you to interview them so you could get them out of class

6. You hated the kids who would refuse to have their picture taken

I just need one picture to fill the page space!

7. Interviewing teachers was the worst because they talked so fast!

8. Interviewing upperclassmen as a freshman was terrifying

9. But then all the upperclassmen knew your name

10. Near deadline you spent all your free time in the newspaper room

Must edit more stories…

11. Which meant all your newspaper friends basically became family

Because they have all seen you cry and they all know your fast food order. Which is basically the definition of family.

12. No body truly knew how much time you spent after school working on layout

13. Finally sending an issue to the printer, you find all the typos

14. You prayed you weren’t the one who had to distribute

15. And if you were you lived with this for the rest of the day

16. But it was all worth it in the end because you were doing what you love

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