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    16 Pizza Slices You Must Try In Bristol

    The best pies in B-town.

    1. The Greenbank / Via

    Some may argue that the best thing about The Greenbank is that they have a "takeaway pint" option for when the bar is closing but you still want to get a little tooty at home. Okay so that might be the best thing, but the pizza is a very close second. The Garlic Mushroom ‘za is everything it says on the box – simple, tasty, lots of mushrooms, perfect.

    2. The Hen & Chicken / Via

    Situated in the heart of Southville, The Hen and Chicken is host to live music, comedy and theatre. Before you go to a show make sure you get there early and tuck into a slice, the aptly named Hangover has served many a sore head after a long night, topped with salami, chorizo and a perfectly cooked egg.

    3. Pizza Workshop

    4. Old Market Assembly

    5. Bertha's Pizza

    Facebook: BerthasPizza / Via Facebook: BerthasPizza

    Located on Whapping Wharf relative newcomer Bertha’s has a bold mission statement – to make the best pizza in the world. It’s definitely worth a visit to see if they’ve been successful, try the amazingly named "Nettles?!" for a taste of something different with creamed nettles and chilli. Dock leaves not needed.

    6. The Grecian Kebab House

    7. Acapella

    Facebook: acappellapizza / Via Facebook: acappellapizza

    With names like Overture, Encore and C Major, Acapella is definitely a fan favourite. The self-titled Acapella pizza is a treat with a warm base and cold toppings of parma ham, mozzarella and rocket. Handily, Acapella is located about a quarter of the way up the infamously steep Wells Road so you’ll have burnt off the pizza calories before you’ve even eaten.

    8. Proven

    Facebook: provenpizza / Via Facebook: provenpizza

    Proven may be a tiny place but it’s all about huge slices, New York style. Your eyes may be bigger than your stomach but a couple of slices will be sufficient to satisfy a pizza craving. Try a classic margarita on one of their famed lunchtimes deals in their cosy St. Stephens street shop.

    9. Grounded

    10. Bocabar

    Facebook: Bocabar / Via Facebook: 151137856277

    If you work in Paintworks, chances are you spend the majority of your spare time in Bocabar, the best place for a chilled beer and munch. Fishy pizza lovers will love the Praia e Sol with Mediterranean prawns, button mushrooms and garlic oil.

    11. Atomic Diner

    Twitter: @Atomicburgers / Via Twitter: @Atomicburgers

    Brand new kid on the block Atomic Diner on Union Street is the sister restaurant of Atomic Burger located on Gloucester Road. Packing the same comic book shazam in its décor, Atomic Diner is serving up pop-culture pizzas with a punch. The ‘Ziggy Stardust’ is a must; couple it with a thick shake to complete the Americana experience.

    12. The Crofters Rights

    Facebook: CroftersRights / Via Facebook: CroftersRights

    12-inch pizzas done right. Ray’s Pizza, the moniker of The Crofters Right’s pizza kitchen, does everything by the American-Italian book with authentic Italian ingredients. You can’t say no to a classic New York Hot.

    13. Zero Degrees

    14. Pi Shop

    Twitter: @PiShop_ / Via Twitter: @PiShop_

    Gourmet pizza lovers rejoiced when the team behind Michelin-starred restaurant Casmina opened their doors below the fancy apartment block The General, formerly Bristol General Hospital. A mixture of traditional Italian fare is mixed with exotic toppings like pickled cauliflower and Wild English mushrooms, the Wagyu Meat Feast is also a rare treat.

    15. Beerd

    Twitter: @beerdbristol / Via Twitter: @beerdbristol

    A craft beer restaurant that also serves local cider is a Bristol must, Beerd gets double points for selling a tasty slice for reasonable prices as well. You can’t go wrong with prosciutto, artichokes, olives and mushrooms, pair it with a pint of Bounders at lunchtime to guarantee you’ll be asleep at your desk at work afterward.

    16. Planet Pizza

    Facebook: PlanetPizza / Via Facebook: PlanetPizza

    If you’re looking for a place to have a quiet slice then Planet Pizza at the tail-end of Gloucester Road is your best bet. All the pizzas are named after the nine planets – yes nine, Pluto is still a planet to everyone who matters – the most adventurous is the ‘Mars’ topped with meatballs, cornchips and you don’t even have to pay extra for guac.