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    The Definitive Ranking Of Songs Off Of Taylor Swift's "Reputation"

    Bring on the snakes and hot tea - Swift is finally back and she's better than ever

    15. Gorgeous / Via

    Okay, so this song is not bad, but it's easily the weakest song off the album. The writing is not her strongest here, but hey, at least it has a feature from Blake Lively's daughter, James Reynolds.

    Best line: "And I got a boyfriend, he's older than us/ He's in the club doing I don't know what"

    14. So It Goes...

    MissEmilyN / Via

    "So It Goes..." is a well-written song and it has a very different feel than previous Swift songs. The subtle reference to Kurt Vonnegut's famous transition phrase in "Slaughterhouse-FIve" really does divide the album into two extremely cohesive sections. The only failure is that the song is not as remarkable as the others on the album.

    Best line: "Gold cage, hostage to my feelings"

    13. King of My Heart / Via

    The chorus to this song is absolutely killer and will definitely get stuck in your head. However, the verses are a little weak and it feels like they belong on a Fifty Shades soundtrack. The melody on the bridge is one of the brightest moments in all of Swift's albums.

    Best line: "Salute to me, I'm your American Queen/ And you move to me like I'm a Motown beat"

    12. Look What You Made Me Do

    MissEmilyN / Via

    The leadoff single is not one of Swift's strongest, but it played the role is was supposed to - it ushered in a new era and a new Swift. By attacking everyone from Kanye to Katy to herself, it's clear to fans she's not ignoring her new reputation. However social media has claimed this song as Swift playing the victim, something the rest of her album refutes.

    Best line: "I don't like your little games/ Don't like your tilted stage/ The role you made me play"

    11. Don't Blame Me / Via

    This is a haunting and addictive number that feels more mature than the rest of the songs on the album. Honestly, if tumblr was a song, it would be this one. Which is fitting because the social media site is Swift's new favorite place to interact with her fans.

    Best line: "I've been breakin' hearts a long time/ And toyin' with them older guys"

    10. Dancing With Our Hands Tied / Via

    If you were a fan of 1989's "I Know Places," then this is the song for you. The theme and meaning seem to align with both songs. It's a sweet and kind of tragic dance number about a relationship running it's course in front of the public eye and there was nothing the couple could do to. While fans are divided on who the song is about, the reference to being 25 seems to heavily allude to her relationship with Calvin Harris.

    Best line: "Could've spent forever with your hands in my pockets/ Picture of your face in an invisible locket"

    9. Delicate / Via

    Swift definitely expirements with her sound on "Delicate," but the payoff is the standard sweet love song fans have come to expect. More so than the other songs on the album, this song is a more adult version of the "Old Taylor." It's one of few songs that allows an insight into her newer, more private life.

    Best line: "My reputation's never been worse, so/ You must like me for me"

    8. Dress / Via

    "Dress" is such a grown-up song that when Swift played it at her secret sessions, her mother had to leave the room. Even the most innocent of lines would make the "sparkly dresses and cowboy boots" Swift blush. The extremely relatable song is a chance for Swift to be 27 and to finally let the media treat her as an adult.

    Best line: "Flashback to my mistakes/ My rebounds, my earthquakes/ Even in my worst light, you saw the truth in me"

    7. I Did Something Bad

    MissEmilyN / Via

    "I Did Something Bad" is incriminating and delicious. This song is the most accepting of blame Swift will ever get. She's accepting the charges the media has put on her and she's over it. She feels no symphathy for those who have claimed she has done them wrong - they enjoyed the fun at her expense.

    Best line: "But if he drops my name, then I owe him nothin'/ And if he spends my change, then he had it comin'"

    6. ... Ready For It?

    MissEmilyN / Via

    The album's lead off track is arguably one of the strongest. Swift makes it clear that gone away are the sparkly dresses and surprised faces. Swift is in control and she's taking no prisoners; she's simply asking fans if they are ready for this new her.

    Best line: "And he can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor"

    5. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things / Via

    There has never been a more obvious inspiration for a song ever. For example, Swift even descibes their year of friendship Gatsby-like (a film whose soundtrack includes a Kanye number AND Kim's all-time favorite song). She also brings up the phone incident and alludes to West's ruined friendship with Jay-Z. The tea is hot with this one.

    Best line: "And therein lies the issue/ Friends don't try to trick you/ Get you on the phone and mind-twist you"

    4. New Year's Day

    MissEmilyN / Via

    For the last four albums, Swift has managed to find a fitting end song ("Change," "Long Live," "Begin Again" and "Clean") and "New Year's Day" is no different. As the only true ballad on the album, it acknowledeges what's come before and hints at the future. This sweet song is a promise to fans, to Joe Alywn and to herself of the happiness that will come later in Swift's career and personal life.

    3. Call It What You Want

    MissEmilyN / Via

    Call it what you want to, but "reputation" is equals parts an album about being in love and an album about being aware. This song bridges these two aspects together beautifully. Fans will delight in Swift's happy and infectious demenor and will find it impossible to not smile during this number.

    Best line: "My castle crumbled overnight/ I brought a knife to a gunfight/ They took the crown, but it's alright"

    2. End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran and Future) / Via

    Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran rapping? A verse from Future on a Swift album? Allusions to Sheeran's first hit, "A-Team"? There are many ways this song could have failed, but remarkable songwriting and a catchy chorus actually turn it into one of the best songs on the album. After the sucess of "Everything Has Changed", it just goes to prove the world needs more Swift/Sheeran songs.

    Best line: "And I bury hatchets, but I keep maps of where I put 'em/ Reputation precedes me, they told you I'm crazy/ I swear I don't love the drama, it loves me"

    1. Getaway Car / Via

    "Getaway Car" is easily the best song on the album. It sounds like a classic Swift song and it explains her feelings towards the rumored love triange between her, Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston. The lyrics are on par with "All Too Well" and "Clean" and the production guarentees the song will be stuck in your head even after a single listen. Here's to hoping Swift finally releases the best song off one of her albums.

    Best line: "We were jetset Bonnie and Clyde/ Until I switched to the other side"

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