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HUNGARY NEWS: The Outer 8th District - One Of Budpaests Fastest Rising Areas

We all know about the developments in the inner 8th district, esp that the Palace district is now one of the most up and coming areas. What we do not yet know is that the outer 8th district is also receiving a brand new make over. The Outer Eighth was originally a large swamp in the 19th Century which later was developed into a very cultural and diverse neighborhood full of Roma and Jewish families and also the founding laborers brought in to help build the original Budapest. So it used to be poor and relatively primitive, but we're talking more than a century ago!! It has now evolved into a scenic cosmopolitan district. One of the most competitive priced areas of central Budapest. Often overlooked it has many secret gems and is just 30min walk from Budapest city center.

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Close to the park is the huge Lurdy Haz Shopping Center, with many grand weekend sales on trendy clothing brands, books, cd's, electrical's, and restaurants. Also close to the international coach station.

Nepliget Park which is know as Budapest's 'people's park'. It is also one of the biggest in Budapest. Perfect for exercising, watching the football matches (3 different sized pitches), beautiful trees, strolls with the family, and for the weekend music ravers there is the Liget Club in the middle of the park. It also contains many historic Soviet architecture's from the 1950's.

The Hungarian national TV studios of Budapest Europa & Hungarian Film Studios on Orczy Ut, 5mins are in the area if you feel like being an extra on television where you can buy tickets to watch the live

The bustling Chinese market which is relocated to the corner of Orczy Ut and Kobanyai Ut, has over 1000 stalls housed in the buildings of a disused factory. You can buy all manner of products and services there from clothes, household products, try the gorgeous local Chinese food.

Right in the heart of the market there is a OTP bank and the staff speak English, Hungarian and many other European languages + a smudge of Chinese.

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Water tower at the Chinese market

The outer 8th district is also very multi cultural, you can find everything there from Arabic hair dressers to Egyptian restaurants.

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Amazing Chinese restaurant on the corner of Orczy ut - 5 mins walk from the Chinese market. The food here is cheap and tasty, it is large, bright, airy and very clean inside.

I love the Eygpitain restaurant on Orczy Ut, parked between the supermarket and petrol station, with camels on its front entrance, inside it ha delightful belly dancing!

There are lots of developments taking place in the area replacing the old slum areas and the entire of Orczy ter has been rebuilt and refashioned. There are homegrown cafes/bars in the new development, beauticians, hair dressers and many bustling properties for sale, along with scores of new entrepreneurs who have helped rejuvenate the local business area.

There is also upcoming plans to transform the old Józsefváros railway station into a children's holocaust museum, dedicated to Hungarian children who tragically lost their lives during WWII.

Train Station:

Kerepesi Temeto is one of the the largest and most majestic cemeteries in the world with beautiful gardens, old fashioned tombstones and statues, and you can spend hours wandering among the graves of notable historic figures.

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