8 Awesome Valentines You Wish You Had Gotten As A Kid

We’re not talking a store-bought box of valentines from your favorite cartoon or a whopping piece of heart-shaped chocolate. Nope, these valentines are all the best DIY ways to say “Be Mine.” Why weren’t these around when we were kids?

1. Homemade Play Dough Valentines

Admit it, you LOVED Play Dough as a kid. Anyone who handed you brand new Play Dough that they made themselves would have been your #1 crush all year long.

2. Fortune Teller Valentines

Fortune Tellers, or Cootie Catchers, were playground gold. You could probably fold one out of notebook paper in a matter of seconds when you were a kid. You might have even been the go-to guru for fortune telling. No matter what, receiving this valentine would’ve given you tons of entertainment during recess.

3. Invisible Ink Valentine in a Bottle

Combine the intrigue of invisible ink and the sense of adventure of a message in a bottle, and you’ve got yourself one unique valentine. No one in your class would’ve topped this valentine if you found it on your desk.

4. Cupid’s Crayon Arrows

Ah, crayons, the creative currency of childhood classrooms everywhere. Receiving these original valentines would’ve left you totally love-struck.

5. Candy Necklace Cards

Candy necklaces are a Valentine’s Day classic, but getting boring wrapped candy is a little lackluster in terms of presentation. These printable valentines come in different designs, so you would have gotten a personalized card AND your favorite edible jewelry all in one.

6. Love Bug Valentines

Who says you have to have pink hearts on your Valentine’s Day projects? Nah, you were an original. You would’ve been all over these simple yet sweet homemade valentines.

7. Lotto Ticket Valentines

Did you ever peek over your parents’ shoulders when they scratched off their lottery tickets? You were too young to play, but it looked like so much fun…Getting these adorable Lotto Ticket Valentines from someone special would’ve been the next best thing.

8. Original Snacky Valentines

Punny valentines like these are never in short supply, but how cool would it have been to make your own? Back in our day, we got candy with our valentines, but if you had a health-minded mom helping you make valentines, these adorable non-candy valentines would have been your best option.

Overwhelmed with valentine jealousy? Don’t let it happen to your younger siblings when they go to school on Valentine’s Day this year. You can find other awesome homemade Valentine’s Day cards and more festive Valentine’s Day projects over at AllFreeKidsCrafts!

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