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Apr 2015
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    emilytaylorv commented on What's The Craziest Thing A Psychic Ever Predicted For You That Came True?

    A psychic once told me that I would never have a wedding. I was a little girl at the time, so I took this to mean that I would never find love. I was upset by this prediction, but she was absolutely right. My husband and I eloped in 2015. Not having a wedding was the best decision… 

    2 years ago

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    emilytaylorv commented on How Did You Discover That Your Significant Other Was Cheating On You?

    I dated a Filipino guy for 3 years. One day his phone went off and it was a text from his cousin asking when he was going to come over. His cousin lives in the Philippines and doesn't speak English.

    3 years ago

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