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    20 Signs You Are A Part Of Dream Team

    Ever wonder what it's like to be a part of the wonderful Dream Team? Read on to find out!

    1. You wear Birks and only Birks when it's warm out

    Or, you know, when it's cold out you wear them with socks.

    2. You like to play the game Who's Who with characters

    And argue about it, but Deniz will always be Ross/Carmen

    3. You dream about Lazy Jane's scones all the time.

    Thank god they have vegan ones too so you can all eat them together at the restaurant

    4. Taste of India is one of the best things to exist

    Fasting beforehand and FUPA-friendly wear are necessary steps to take before a lunch buffet.

    5. Okay, food in general is the love of your life

    Honorable mentions: Noodles, Sa-Bai, Qdoba, Hubbard...

    6. You say "Sara Kelly" instead of "Sara" just because

    That's how it always has been

    7. Your life is complete now that Kelly and Dan are engaged

    And own a freaking house, #bestcoupleevar

    8. You repeat each other all the time

    All the time.

    9. Don't even get you started on "Baby" or "Baby-cut" carrots

    At this point it doesn't even fucking matter.

    10. You know what "private school fuckies" mean

    And you either hate or love that they have a lot of random breaks #februarybreak

    11. Seriously though, one of you has a bladder problem

    And Nicky Wolff knows all about it

    12. You make fun of Deniz



    13. You abbrev a lot of words

    Most ridiculous one yet: Indo Pea Saut. Honorable mention: Qdobes

    14. BLAIR

    Said every time you drive on Blair St.

    15. Skiing > Snowboarding

    Although you admit you've wanted to know how to snowboard at one point.

    16. Lobsters are accurate

    Examples: Deniz and Rostam; Sara and George; Emily and Bob

    17. The prophecy is real

    Looks like Emily won't be getting any action for quite some time.

    18. Love Actually is the best movie ever

    And you MUST watch it during Christmas time.

    19. Beyonce is the meaning of life

    20. Although you are sometimes miles away from each other, DT love never dies

    Love yaaaaa