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    17 Eco-Friendly Tricks That Will Save You Time And Money

    Subscribe to digital magazines, repurpose your food scraps, and recycle old clothes to get discounts on the new.

    1. Stock up on staples in the bulk food aisle to save money and reduce packaging waste.

    2. Bring an empty container with you when eating out, so you can save your leftovers without bringing more plastic home.

    3. Make your own reusable mop pads if you love to use them but hate how wasteful they are.

    4. Repurpose food scraps that you would otherwise throw away.

    5. Keep a reusable tote in your handbag or backpack so you're never without one when shopping.

    6. Wash your dishes with reusable sponges so you don't have to buy a new one every single week.

    7. Create a capsule wardrobe or dress code to save money on clothes and time getting ready in the morning.

    8. And when you do need to buy something, start by recycling your old clothes at stores that'll give you discounts on new stuff.

    9. Bring a reusable cup to Starbucks to get a 10-cent discount on every purchase.

    10. Remove your makeup with this genuine modern-day miracle.

    11. Keep your food fresh with these beeswax food wraps that you can reuse again and again.

    12. Subscribe to your favorite magazines digitally so you can still support journalism without throwing away all that paper.

    13. Remove hair with an electric hair remover if you like smooth legs but don't like throwing out all those blades.

    14. Bring empty beauty product canisters back to sellers like Kiehl's, Lush, and MAC to earn rewards.

    15. If you get a period, try out a menstrual cup so you aren't throwing money in the trash with your tampons and pads.

    16. Learn how to remove stains and make small alterations so you don't have to throw away quite as much clothing.

    17. And think "can I reuse this?" before you toss something in the trash.