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    19 Hella Cheap Ways To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

    ~Pretty~ smart.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Use double-sided tape, color paper, and washi tape to decorate your cabinets without losing your deposit.

    Honestly, this is gorgeous, IMHO.

    From Up to Date Interiors.

    2. Paint "shiplap" onto your walls to get a look that Joanna and Chip would approve of.

    Honestly, it looks the same.

    From here.

    3. Knot some rope around an eye snap hook to attractively tie back the drapes.

    The sun is up, the sky is blue, which means it's time to get your butt out of bed.

    From here.

    4. Wrangle your tangled TV wires in a plastic shower curtain rod.

    Just cut the rod down to size and slice an opening for the cords.

    From here.

    5. Conceal ugly eyesores — such as pipes or grimy fences — with fake ivy.

    Get 82" of artificial ivy from Etsy for $20.88.

    6. Or wrap rope around hot pipes to both insulate and hide.

    Maxwell Ryan /


    From here.

    7. "Dip" the legs of old furniture in gold spray paint.

    🎶 I walked into the room dripping in gold. 🎶

    From here.

    8. Paint fake windows on your garage door and embellish with some cheap hardware.

    Get magnetic hardware from Amazon for $16.99.

    See the garage door here.

    9. Add a curtain rod to the side of your cabinets to hang up your pots and pans.

    Even if you don't have fancy cookware to display, this will still be an awesome organization trick. Again, I say win-win. Oh, and keep the bottoms of your (stainless or enameled) pans looking spankin' new with Bar Keepers Friend and a bit of elbow grease.

    See this kitchen here.

    10. Nail stained planks to your headboard to make your Ikea bed look like it's from West Elm.

    Alyssa Hochberg

    From here.

    11. Add some freakin' adorable card-holder pulls to literally everything you own, because come on, look at them.

    I rest my case. Get the pulls from Amazon for $1.99 each (COME ON!) and see this Ikea shoe holder here.

    12. Spray-paint any dated fixtures to elevate your bathroom to spa status.

    Now all you need is some candles and gentle flute music.

    From here.

    13. Wrap fabric or washi tape around around cheap curtain rings to make them less hideous.

    Yeah, I said it. All you need to do is cut some strips, wrap them around the ring, and seal with decoupage glue.

    From here.

    14. Add a few decorative pillows to make your bed feel like it's in a luxury hotel.

    This bed is doing the most, but just adding two European pillows and a throw pillow will do wonders.

    From here.

    15. Glue mirrors onto your closets to make them look built in.

    Or just paint the frame of the mirror that is already hanging to match the color of the door.

    From here.

    16. Frame pretty postcards or magazine covers if you would love a gallery wall but don't have any art.

    Postcards are by far the cheapest thing you can hang on your wall, and then you can say you look at art worth millions every day. 😏

    See it here.

    17. Cover foam boards with wrapping paper to make your wire shelves look a bit prettier.

    Also assures that nothing ~slips through the cracks.~

    See more dad jokes here. And see this project here.

    18. Or drape fabric that matches your walls to completely hide the wire shelves.

    Claire Richardson /

    If this scene from The Pink Panther didn't immediately pop into your head, then you had a very different childhood than mine.

    From here.

    19. Accent your floating shelves with L-brackets for a glammed-up industrial look.

    Cameron Braun /

    It's also pretty easy to build floating shelves from just a few planks of wood if you want to add some classy storage space.

    From here.

    Your home is gonna be freakin' fabulous.

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